Lavasoglu's enforcers nightmarized by Odessa police

Lavasoglu's enforcers nightmarized by Odessa police
Vladimir Shevchenko

Shusharik is charged with pickpocketing. The crime kingpin pleads no guilty.

Odessa police have apprehended crime lord Vladimir Shevchenko aka Shusharik. It was reported by the channel of (Odessa news website). According to the latter, Shusharik (who is an enforcer of notorious thief in law Mindia Goradze, known as Lavasoglu Batumsky) was attempting to pickpocket. He was also charged for the possession of a number of Methadone doses. 

According to the same sources, the lengths Shusharik has gone to were not stipulated by the lack of money - it is obvious that the alpha dog of a common fund has what it takes, but a willing not to lose his touch. 

According to, this kind of ‘incursions’ offer opportunities to the kingpings to be looked on as a ‘right’ authority. It is way cool within their values. Sometimes, they are caught by the police, but in only adds points to their ratings. 

As for Shevchenko, he - be means of his friends - proves this statement to be wrong. He states that it is true that his house was raided by the officers (for the third time lately), however, no illegal drugs were found and he did not pickpocket. He stated further that the police is just ‘nightmarizing’ him! 

Previously, it was also reported that Shusharik had been apprehended. In particular, last spring it was found that he possessed an unlicensed rubber bullets gun and an amount of drugs. The Court placed the crime lord under house arrest, explaining that this mild measure of restrict was imposed due to the fact that Shevchenko had not had criminal records before and the accusations were insufficient. 

It is worth mentioning that at the present time Lavasoglu, aka Khromoy (Lame), and a thief in law Omar Bekaev, aka Omar Ufimsky, are snatching power over Odessa one from another. 

As for Goradze, last month he was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment by the Kutaisi Court. He is charged of being involved in thieves world, organizing a protection racket and preventing the journalists’ activity. However, the sentence was imposed in absentia - the crime lord’s whereabouts are unknown. 



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