Lasha Tskhaltubsky to be put away in Italy following Dzhemo and Merab Sukhumsky 

Lasha Tskhaltubsky to be put away in Italy following Dzhemo and Merab Sukhumsky
Merab Sukhumsky

After the raid performed by Europol, the group of thieves in law accused of OCG creation in Italy managed to escape.

Georgian thief in law Lasha Nizharadze (known as Lasha Tskhaltubsky or Lasha Sumasshedshy in the criminal world) was detained in Serbia at the request of Italy the other day. Now he faces a long ‘vacation’ abroad; in Italy, the thief has been in absentia accused of involvement in a criminal community and already sentenced to 15 years. More information below.

Lasha Nizharadze was caught when attempting to go through passport control at the Belgrade Nikola Tesla international airport. According to the available information, the Serbian police have already sent a letter on the detention of the fugitive to their Italian colleagues.


The 40-year-old thief in law was declared wanted by Interpol back in 2014 along with a whole group of other criminals. A year earlier, the Europol conducted a large-scale special operation against members of the clan of the famous crime lord Merab Dzhangveladze (Merab Sukhumsky) in Europe at the request of Italy. 18 gangsters were simultaneously detained in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Portugal, France, Spain, Austria, and Germany, including 13 Dzhangveladze’s thieves in law, who were taken into custody in Hungary. Temuri Nemsitsveridze (Tsripa), Givi Gordeladze (Givi Tolsty), Roin Uglava (Mateevich), Tamaz Koroshinadze, Ramaz Dzhincharadze and others were put in jail.

Back then, the Italian authorities put a whole group of thieves in law – Dzhemal Mikeladze (Dzhemo), Koba Akhvlediani (Koba), Kakha Makalatiya (Kakha), Kakhaber Parepeliya (Kakha Gali), Rovshan Dzhaniev (Rovshan Lenkoransky), and Lasha Nisharadze (Lasha Tskhaltubsky) – on the wanted list. The search for Dzhaniev, who was still alive then, was terminated, as his lawyers convinced the ‘Carabinieri’ that he had had no direct relationship with the activities of Merab Dzhangveladze’s group.

Law enforcement agencies accused all of the above persons, including Merab Sukhumsky, in creating a transnational crime community, organizing burglaries, extortion, money laundering, and using forged documents. The fact that part of the crimes was committed with the use of weapons was the aggravating circumstance. By the way, when wiretapping the gangsters, the Italian police found out that it was them who had organized the shooting of Ded Khasan in Moscow. However, this valuable information is not sought-after by the law enforcement agencies of Russia, which are in no hurry to solve the massacre of the criminal patriarch.

In April 2014, hearings on the crime group's case began in the court of Bari; but not all the defendants were in the dock. As we previously mentioned, part of them was able to evade the Italian justice. Some of the people from the international wanted list were eventually detained. They include, for example, Dzhemo, whose extradition from Russia to Italy was held recently, namely at the end of January 2017. As for Merab Sukhumsky, whom Italy considers to be the gang leader, he has managed to escape with a minimum sentence of 4 years and 8 months, although the prosecution had asked 10 years in prison for him. Now, it is Lasha Tskhaltubsky's turn to do his 15-year time in Italy.




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