'Kutaisians' once again fail to vet Artur Molodoy and lose support of Guli

'Kutaisians' once again fail to vet Artur Molodoy and lose support of Guli

An attempt to promote Atabekyan into the family of thieves demoted Alfasona’s authority.

The plan of Kutaisi thieves in law Gochi Alpaidze (Alfasona) and Georgy Nizharadze (Giya) to give Artur Atabekyan (Artur Molodoy) thief's powers once again failed, the source said. Everything in the scheme was a failure – even Nadir Salifov (Guli) was indignant that they tried to enter his name in the "run" without his consent.

This is the second attempt to put Atabekyan in the highest hierarchy of criminal power after his arrival in prison in Tver. The first one in early August was blocked by Shakro Molodoy. But there were also earlier attempts. So, in 2017 in Rostov-on-Don, Artur was not recognized by the thief Nodar Rustavsky from the Shakro clan.

On August 16, Alfasona, Nizharadze, and Meliya, by connecting Avtandil Kobeshavidze (Avto Kopal), their fellow countryman in Moscow, informed about the new status of Artur Molodoy through the Tver alpha dog Sayat Rostovsky, indicating the prisoners to treat him appropriately.


Artur Atabekyan

Atabekyan himself is Alfasona's disciple, who thus tries to squeeze out the positions of Nodar in the Rostov region. As a result, Alfasona himself not only does not advance in his plan, but his unsuccessful attempts to promote his protege greatly undermine his own authority.

Alfason and his godfather Meliya from the "dedovsky Kutaissky" became close to Guli after the murder of Giya Kutaissky. Kutaisi clan members under the protection of Guli began to quickly feel at ease, and soon they began to count on support in their personal interests, in particular, with Atabekyan’s promotion.

So, Kutaisi clan members inscribed the name of Guli in their paper to give it significance, but they forgot to tell him about it. When Guli found out about this after the fact, he did not confirm his signature out of anger, moreover, he was indignant at his neglect. Guli also pointed out that the time is not right for such written statements, as Nodar’s claims against Arthur are still unresolved. In addition, Guli reminded that now all the "thieves" are concerned about the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation 210.1 (Occupation of the highest position in the criminal hierarchy).

Kutaisi clan members like naughty children, loudly declared to Guli-dad – "spit on the wanted list and new laws, and they, like some, are not going to sit back and keep quiet." To which Guli calmly remarked: "Write what you want and do what you want without me."

Now the Kutaisi clan members have to “twist the nest” around Alfasona and establish their own connections. 



Alfasona is also trying to get closer to Roko Tbilissky, debunked by Shakro Molodoy in 2015 for misappropriating the common fund. Roko did not pay with his life, and even stayed afloat, as Roko's presenters – Paata and Robinson – are dead, and all the blame was blamed on the "fraers." At least his status is not questioned by Alfasona, Nizharadze, Zura, and Kusa, in whose presence Roko even allows himself to beat Aslan Batumsky, as happened recently in Turkey. The quarrel arose over the man because of whom Roko started having problems, as it turned out, Aslan's friend. Roko said that he is a bastard and at a meeting he will act accordingly. Having interceded for a friend and having bullied Roko, Aslan then could neither explain Roko's “shoals” nor gain the support of a single thief who could control the situation, so he had to apologize to the beaten man. Even if Aslan starts digging under Roko now, from the outside it will look ugly. It seems that it is better for Aslan with such preparation to forget about the claims against Mindiya.


Roko Tbilissky

For Alfasona, the humiliation of Aslan was tantamount to the humiliation of Badri Kutaissky, who helps Aslan all his life. Alfason and Badri belong to different Kutaisi groups, between which everything has not been alright for a long time. While Guli was behind Alfasona, he was considered a strong player in the criminal field, but now his position has considerably weakened.

As for Guli, he continues to break old "grandfather" ties and draws closer to the clan of Taro and Merab Sukhumsky.



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