Krasnodar: how Kanevskoy’s men turned businessmen’s lives into nightmare

Krasnodar: how Kanevskoy’s men turned businessmen’s lives into nightmare
Armen Kanevskoy died in prison from a severe form of diabetes

After thief within the law Armen Arutyunyan died, his gang was defeated.

The Krasnodar regional court brings to trial what has remained of the defeated gang created by Armenian thief within the law Armen Arutyunyan also known as Armen Kanevskoy. According to the press service with the regional Prosecutor's Office, an indictment has been announced regarding the gang members: 48-year-old Oleg Vanchenko, 45-year-old Ernest Lalabekov, 54-year-old Manuk Torosyan and 55-year-old Aleksandr Zhigalko. They have been charged with the crimes under part 2 of Art. 209 of the Criminal Code (Participation in a Stable Armed Group (crew), items (a, b, c), part 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code (Extortion committed by an organized group), items (a, g, h, j), part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder of four persons by an organized group), part 3 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Acquisition, Storage, Transportation, or Bearing of Firearms).

Армен Каневской

Armen Kanevskoy made his gang in 2006. Investigation believes that the gang’s main goal was getting full control over the local businesses, collecting their tribute and blatant 90s-like racketing.

Late in October 2006 the gangsters picked a businessman from Armavir as their victim and threatening they would murder him and his family demanded a monthly fee of 30 thousand dollars (which then was about 800 thousand rubles). The businessman had the courage to say no to the racketeers and thereby signed his own death warrant. It happened in late January 2007 in a cafe located in Trudobelikovsky village of Krasnoarmeysk district. Kanevskoy’s men got into and shot the businessman and two of his companions.

Next crime that also formed the basis of the criminal case was murder of one of the fellow gangsters. In mid-February 2007 in a remote location, Kanevskoy’s men shot their fellow gangster who had been involved in the Armavir businessman’s murder.

The gang was defeated after the death of its founder, the thief within the law Armen Arutyunyan. Having received a prison sentence for the grave crime, the thief was put behind the bars, where he died from severe diabetes.

Kanevskoy’s men do not plead guilty as charged. The criminal case against them has been sent to the Krasnodar Regional Court for consideration on the merits.



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