Kostyl goes to Ural

Kostyl goes to Ural
Kostyl and his lawyer

The term of a powerful Slavic thief in law will be determined in November 2018.

Convicted of possession of drugs the kingpin Konstantin Borisov, known in the criminal world as Kostyl, will soon be convoyed to the Urals. According URA.ru, a powerful Slavic thif in law will continue to serve his sentence in one of the colonies in the Kurgan or Chelyabinsk regions.

The solution of the Naro-Fominsk Court on the case of Kostyl was announced on July 17 this year. The thief in law was charged under article 228 (Illegal purchase, storage, transportation, manufacturing, processing of narcotic drugs). The court found him guilty and sentenced him to 3,5 years in the maximum regime penal colony. It is noteworthy that the state prosecution demanded for the thief in law 5 years, but servants of Themis gave him much less – 3,6 years. The term of the thief in law will be determined in November 2018 (taking into account the fact that about a year he spent in jail).

Kostyl was detained in Naro-Fominsk in May 2015. Dressed as a traffic police officers operatives of the Research Affairs of the MIA in the Moscow region and the Special Forces fighters stopped the SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 200, which moved Kostyl and his companions. Borisov realized that he was lit and blocked the door. The RSPF fighters did not stand on ceremony and, according to some information, they began to batter the car windows with sledgehammers. When they managed to get to the Kostyl, they knocked him to the ground and searched. According to the lawyer Ivan Mironov, at this moment, the police have thrown to the client a bundle of drugs and a gold watch for 30 thousand euros, a diamond ring and 150 thousand rubles. Mironov even tried to find owners of cars, which could filmed the chaos, made by the policemen.

In personal search Kostyl was found 9 grams of heroin, which led to a criminal case under Article 228 of the Criminal Code (Illegal purchase, storage, transportation, manufacturing, processing of narcotic drugs). The Naro-Fominsk court authorized to send Borisov into custody.

The hearing in this case held nervously. In particular, the thief in law did not behave himself in a standart way. Thieves in law are terse, especially at public events such as open trial, however, Kostyl was not silent. He said to the court that he always struggled with drug dealers, so such accusations in his address - height of cynicism:

- Law enforcers acted as they usually do with such as me - said Kostyl in the court.

Later, his lawyer has deciphered the message of his client, saying what Borisov had in mind, that the prosecution of thieves of drug possession - a common occurrence. In the sense that when law enforcement authorities decide to charge a thief in law, there are always just drugs. Ivan Mironov also said that he and his client had decided to create a precedent, and reach the ECtHR, proving an innocence. In addition, according to Mironov, Kostyl is going to get the police to return the property, which he had seized during the arrest.



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