Kostyl goes against the system 

Kostyl goes against the system
Kostyl and his lawyer

One of the most famous Slovenian thieves within the law believes that the judges’ decision was unfair, accusations – false and the policemen, who detained him, were rouge cops, who robbed him and foisted narcotic drugs on him.

Details of judicial proceedings over the case of well-known thief within the law Konstantin Borisov, which ended shortly before with a pretty loyal verdict, have revealed recently. The criminal himself believes that the judges’ decision was unfair, accusations – false and the policemen, who detained him were rouge cops, who robbed him and foisted drugs on him.

One of the most famous Slovenian thieves within the law, crowned in 1990 by crime lord Ded Hasan, was detained in Naro-Fominsk in May 2015. Dressed as the State Road Traffic Safety inspectors, policemen of the General Administration of Internal Affairs in the Moscow Region and fighters of special forces captured an off roader Toyota Land Cruiser 200, where Kostyl and his accomplices were sitting. Borisov understood that he was fooled and blocked the doors of the SUV. SWAT fighters did not stand on ceremony and, according to some data, started to bang on the car’s windows with sledgehammers. When they managed to capture Kostyl, they stroke him down to the ground and searched. According to the lawyer Ivan Mironov, in this very moment, the policemen foisted drugs on his client and took golden watch for 30 thousands euros, diamond ring and 150 thousands rubles. Ivan Mironov even tried to find the car’s owners, dash cams of whom could have filmed the police outrage, but he did not succeed.

During the personal search of Kostyl, police forces discovered 9 g of heroin, what gave rise to the initiation of criminal case under art. 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Illegal purchase, storage, transportation, preparation and recycling of narcotic drugs). Naro-Fominks Court decided to place Borisov in custody.

On the day of June 17, 2016 the zero hour for Kostyl came – the servant of Themis adjudged the thief within the law guilty of conducting the incriminated crime and sentenced him to 3,6 years in colony with a strict regime, though the prosecution demanded 5 years in the same colony. Considering the fact that he has been held in remand prison for a year already, he has only 2,5 more years to be imprisoned.

Meanwhile, MK (Moscow Komsomolets – Russian newspaper) gave details of the last hearing over the Kostyl’s case. According to the newspaper, the criminal was brought to the court with a cortege – besides the State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate’s cars, buses with the Russian Special Police Force and bailiffs escorted the paddy wagon. Before the hearing started, Borisov’s daughter and wife came up to the cage, were he was held. He took from his pocket a handful of candies and gave to the daughter. Beside the point, she was born shortly before the arrest. It is interesting that at the moment of detention, the baby was breastfed and the investigation’s version that Borisov was transporting drugs to his wife failed. According to the other version, he was taking drugs himself. But according to the lawyer Ivan Mironov, all of the 6 expert examinations failed to find heroin in blood or in urine. There also were no traces of the drug on the clothes.

Thieves within the law usually not very talkative, especially at such public events as juridical proceeding, but Kostyl was not silent. He told the court that he himself always fought with drug dealers and such accusations against him – outrageous.

'The law enforcement authorities just did what they always do with such people as I,” – said Kostyl at the hearing.


Photo: Kostyl in courtroom 

Later his lawyer explained that Borisov meant that accusation of drug storage of thieves within the law is a usual practice. Meaning that when the law enforcement bodies want to put such criminal in prison, they always find drugs. It is interesting that almost 90% of detained in Moscow or in the Moscow Region thieves within the law had narcotic drugs, which were discovered during personal search. As lawyer Ivan Mironov said, the criminals usually agree with “narcotic” article to get a smaller term. Borisov decided to create a precedent and reach the European Court of Human Rights to prove his innocence. Besides that, he intents to make the policemen return the property they stole from him during the detention.



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