Famous thief in law Kostyl accused of cooperating with law enforcers 

Famous thief in law Kostyl accused of cooperating with law enforcers
Konstantin Borisov, known by the nickname Kostyl (Crutch)

The actions of the famous thief in law caused disapproval of the leaders of the criminal world.⁠

Thieves in law are unhappy with the behavior of their colleague Konstantin Borisov, known by the nickname Kostyl.

Visiting Kostyl in the Krasnoyarsk colony, the emissaries of the Moscow thieves in law (according to some information, under the guise of lawyers) demanded an explanation how he dared to raise his hand against incumbent thief in law Ruslan Gegechkori (Shlyapa Mladshy), and even in the company with sentenced by thievish world to the death penalty Sulkhan Mzhavia (Zhora Kutaissky). The same kite stating that Shlyapa Mladshy lost his thief’s title fell into the hands of the CrimeRussia.

Kostyl refused to give visitors any explanation adding that he would keep the answer for his act till November 2018 - then he will be released.

Recall that Kostyl and Sulkhan Kutaissky wrote the kite after Shlyapa Mladshy fought with them in the prison hospital in Krasnoyarsk. Here he was transferred from the Achinsk prison, where he arrived from the Tuva colony. In the colony in Tuva, we recall, Ruslan Gegechkori arranged a pogrom in the prison mosque, after having dealt with convicted Chechens and Dagestanis. The initiator of the fight was Shlyapa Mladshy himself - he publicly insulted the Caucasians. After the incident, the thief in law was transferred to the Krasnoyarsk colony. On the way, guards and convicts of Caucasian nationality beat him.


Ruslan Gegechkori, aka Shlyapa Mladshy

In all it turns out that in the Krasnoyarsk colony Kostyl tried to break Shlyapa Mladshy. According to some information, Borisov tried to impose Ruslan Gegechkori regime. In particular, Kostyl asked how the Gegechkori would cover the cot: ‘clean’, a sheet over the blanket, as required by the administration, or, conversely, ‘in black’, as is customary as a sign of disobedience. Shlyapa considered such a question unacceptable and struck the provocateur. The guards quickly intervened in the conflict of thieves, preventing further fighting.

The leaders of the criminal world have every reason to suspect Kostyl in connection with the administration. Thieves in the law understand that depriving Shlyapa of his title is beneficial only to the system. That is why many condemned the act of Kostyl.




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