Kolokoltsev gets to Ayko Karabakhsky

Kolokoltsev gets to Ayko Karabakhsky
Ayko Karabakhsky

The deported 53-year-old former ‘kingpin’ Gayk Nikogosyan took the morning flight from Domodedovo to Yerevan.

The other day, the thief in law Gayk Nikogosyan, better known under the nickname Ayko Karabakhsky, who was freed from the Vladimirsky Center, was deported from Russia to Yerevan. Before the release on the expiry of the term, Russian MIA provided the 53-year-old mafia boss with the personal decision of the minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev about the life ban on entry to the Russian Federation.

Now, Ayko Karabakhsky is persona non grata in our country until the end of his days.

The security forces officers ‘took’ Gayk Nikogosyan in Moscow on March 20, 2014. Nikogosyan, previously convicted for the distribution of drugs, was suspected of killing another ‘authority’ by the name of Chyldyrdy. The riddled body of the ‘authority’ was found in his personal car. During the searches in an apartment in the Moscow Region town of Lobnya, where Nikogosyan lived with his wife, the operatives found and seized a Makarov pistol, a 9 mm Taurus revolver, an IZH-58 hunting rifle, and eight cartridges of various calibers. However, the investigators did not bring charges against him related to the murder or illegal storage of weapons. Ayko Karabakhsky was again convicted under part 2 of Article 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, although nothing was reported about the drugs found during the personal search.

It is to be recalled that earlier the head of the Russian MIA Vladimir Kolokoltsev announced all Belarusian  thieves in law persons non grata for lifelong. Now, the stay of the Belorussian ‘kingpins’ in our country is considered undesirable: for them, there is a lifetime ban on entry into the country.



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