Kirghizia: case into illegal release of Chechen ‘thief in law’ Aziz reopened

Kirghizia: case into illegal release of Chechen ‘thief in law’ Aziz reopened
Aziz (left) Photo: social networks

Chechnya won’t easily give away the ‘thief’.

Case into illegal release of Chechen ‘thief in law’ Aziz Batukaev (aka Aziz) has been reopened in Kirghizia. This has been stated by a prosecutor general Otkurbek Jamshitov at the parliament session.

In his words, the case was reopened in January; pretrial work is being carried out now.

In 2013, Aziz Batukaev was serving his 16 years’ sentence in a strict regime colony in a town of Naryne. He started feeling bad and was diagnosed with acute leucosis. This deadly disease became the grounds for turning to the court with a request to release the inmate. The court agreed with the doctors and rested on article 363 of the Criminal Procedure Code. According to the article, an inmate can be released in case of serious illnesses.

On April 9, 2013, Batukaev used a charter flight from Bishkek to Grozny - in 6 hours after the hearings. With that, there was information that member of the State Duma and Ramzan Kadyrov’s associate Adam Delimkhanov had paid for the transportation of Batukaev in Bombardier Challenger 300 (a passenger aircraft with enhanced comfort).

Azis has ‘influential’ protectors in Chechnya who had contributed to 2 criminal cases (into drugs and road accident) for him in the motherland. Thanks to these formalities, Batukaev managed to stay in Chechnya. Besides that, photos showing Batukaev spending his time in Chechnya’s places of entertainment had emerged on the web.

Later, it was determined that Aziz had been released from the colony in Kirghizia illegally.

On April 30, 2014, Naryne city court cancelled its decision, and Batukaev was placed on an international wanted list. From then onward, Kirghizia has been seeking for the return of the fugitive ‘thief’.



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