Kingpin Shishkan accused of involvement in murder, gambling, prostitution and drug trafficking

Kingpin Shishkan accused of involvement in murder, gambling, prostitution and drug trafficking
Shishkan in court Photo: RBC

The mafia boss was taken into custody.

A Moscow court took mafia boss Oleg Medvedev, who is known in the criminal environment under the nickname of Shishkan and Oleg Ramensky, into custody. The kingpin is charged with occupying a higher position in the criminal hierarchy. The investigation believes that he is involved in murder, gambling, prostitution and drug trafficking. 

Shishkanov is already the third “thief in law,” who was brought to criminal liability under the new “anti-thief” law. 

Before the trial, as the CrimeRussia previously reported, Shishkan was asked to undress and show tattoos on his body, but he categorically refused.

Officially, his detention was related to the murder of deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Ramenskoye District, the Moscow Region, Tatyana Sidorova and her family in 2012, but so far this episode is missing from the case.

At the court hearing, investigator Kholmitsky reported that the case against the “thief in law” was initiated on the basis of materials extracted from several murder proceedings. Also, it was said that a mosaic in the form of a “thieves’ star” was found at the bottom of the pool in Medvedev's house. Shishkan himself called the symbol “an ordinary wind rose,” RBC reports. 

In addition, the investigator said that since 1992 Shishkanov “coordinates the activities of organized criminal groups in the Moscow Region, creates and maintains links between these groups, participates in the division of the spheres of criminal influence and criminal proceeds, creates conditions for the commission of crimes.” 

The investigator noted that Medvedev also provided “convergence of interests of criminals and officials in the state authorities.” 

With the help of assistants, Medvedev “receives income from illegal activities such as gambling, extortion, fraud, prostitution and drug trafficking,” the investigator said. He and his assistants “established control over the financial activities of a number of legal entities: Zorka, Yarmarka, Okean, Finkonsalt, Clean City, Plus Management Company, Dilizhans, Dorstroysintez, and Ramensky GOK.

During the investigator’s speech, Shishkan laughed loudly and interrupted him exclaiming "Comedy!"



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