Kingpin of ill fate refuses of plea deal

Kingpin of ill fate refuses of plea deal
Andrey Kolychev

Participant in the Trans-Baikal gang Nikolay Borisenko, nicknamed Kolych, said that he made plea deal being drugged.⁠

Transbaikal ‘authority’ Andrey Kolychev, known as Kolych, wrote a statement on the dissolution of the pre-trial agreement with the investigation. He told the Transbaikal newspaper Vechorka that at the request of the police, he had stipulated many people. He allegedly was drugged and was in an inadequate condition. Now Kolych wrote a letter, calling it The Repentance of a deceived pre-trial prisoner. Based on his testimony wrote in a letter, 45 people were arrested. He calls himself "the authority of ill fate" and a close friend of thief in law Georgy Uglava (Takhi).

On October 25, 2017, the Ingodinsky court sentenced Andrey Kolychev to 7 years in a strict-regime colony for a series of looting and extortion. In addition, he has to pay 3 million rubles ($51.300) in material damages.

Kolych was an active member of the gang of Nikolay Borisenko under the protection of Takhi, and was part of Black Realtors’ gang. Kolychev participated in several crimes, including raids on the enterprises' bases in the Mogochinsky district. After the detention, Kolych went to cooperate with the investigation, having concluded a pre-trial agreement.

In November 2003, he was assassinated. Participant of the Osintsev's gang 52-year-old Andrey Matveev tried to blow up Kolych's car. Only by chance Andrey Kolychev and his guard remained alive.



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