Kiev Police prevented thief in law's crowning  

Kiev Police prevented thief in law's crowning
Papun Ugrekhelidze

Yesterday, November 4, the Kiev Police derailed the crowning of a potential 35-year-old thief in law.

According to Vadim Troyan, the First Deputy Chairman of the National Police of Ukraine and the Chief of Criminal Police, last Saturday in Kiev, law enforcement agencies detained a 35-year-old citizen of Georgia Papun Ugrekhelidze, widely known in the criminal world. Previously, the man had been repeatedly convicted for committing grave and especially grave crimes. He had served prison sentences both in Ukraine and abroad. He had been promoting the thief tradition among young criminals. 

As it turned out, Papun Ugrekhelidze had arrived in Kiev to go through the ceremony of crowning and acquire the status of kingpin according to thieves' traditions. However, law enforcement officers prevented him from being crowned. Today, November 5, Papun Ugrekhelidze was expelled from the country.

Video: Police prevented crowning of potential thief in law



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