Kiev detains Papuna Kutaissky 

Kiev detains Papuna Kutaissky
Otari Avtandilovich Devnozashvili (Papuna Kutaissky)

The Georgian thief in law illegally entered the territory of Ukraine, despite the fact that he was banned from entry into the country.

In Kiev, officers of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) were detained thief in law Otari Devnozashvili, known as Papuna Kutaissky. The press service of the SBU reports that the 31-year-old shot caller is involved in a number of crimes.


It is known that during 2016-2017, Papuna, being in Kiev, led the gang, which established control over illegal amber mining in the Rivne Oblast of Ukraine.

Let us note that Papuna has already been detained in Ukraine earlier. This happened in June last year, after which he was forcibly expelled to his homeland (Georgia) with a ban on entry into Ukraine for three years. However, this ban does not stop the criminal shot caller from entry into the country again.



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