Kidnappers of Ukrainian crime boss Yury Vasilenko identified through surveillance cameras 

Kidnappers of Ukrainian crime boss Yury Vasilenko identified through surveillance cameras
Yury Vasilenko is probably already dead Photo: The CrimeRussia

According to operational data, Yury Vasilenko himself died from the wound received during the abduction, but his body has not yet been found.

Two suspects of kidnapping  the Ukrainian criminal crime boss Yury Vasilenko, who is named in the case of murder of former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov and Oplot party leader Yevgeny Zhilin, in Moscow were detained, Rosbalt reports, citing a law enforcement source. The investigation believes that Vasilenko himself died from the wound received during the abduction, but the body has not yet been found.

According to the source, the kidnappers did not seek to maintain conspiracy during the capture of Vasilenko. Initially, the shooting was not planned, but the crime boss, who should have been brought for a conversation to the 'influential figure' of the criminal world, resisted. During the fight, he was wounded from a TT pistol. A fragment of bone was found at the scene, which indicates the seriousness of Vasilenko's injury.

 The attackers were identified through the footage from surveillance cameras and the car by which they arrived and drove off Vasilenko in the trunk. It took more than two weeks to find them. On January 31, the police, with the support of the special forces, conducted operations in Moscow and Kursk, which led to the detention of two participants of the abduction.

According to the source, during interrogations, the abductors “cast the blame on accomplices who have not yet been caught,” and reduce their role in the crime in every possible way. The detainees did not give testimony about the fate of the kidnapped, however, according to operational data, he died from the injury. The body is not found yet.

The detainees belong to one of the gangs of the Kursk region, to which Vasilenko was close in the past. According to the investigation, one of the attackers could have been involved in the murder of Yevgeny Zhilin.

The investigators believe Vasilenko orchestrated an attempt on Zhilin. Subsequently, disagreements arose between the crime lord and representatives of the Kursk group over financial issues and concerns that, if detained, Vasilenko could give “undesired” testimony.

According to the source, due to the fact that Vasilenko’s name was repeatedly mentioned in the media in connection with the murders of Zhilin and Voronenkov, he was no longer involved in all 'monetary' projects: cash operations and criminal assignments in Ukraine or related to this country. Thief in law Vladimir Tyurin stopped talking to Vasilenko. The crime boss found himself short of funds, conflicts began, including with the Kursk gang members. As a result, a week before the abduction, the crime lord was invited to a meeting, which he "could not refuse." However, Vasilenko ignored the invitation. This led to the attack.

In Moscow, Vasilenko lived illegally, with a passport in the name of Antonenko. He rented a large apartment near metro station Alekseevskaya, from which he mostly went out only to the restaurant Bazilik, which served him as an 'office': there he held all his meetings. The source notes that the crime lord did not have guards, but several friends usually accompanied him. According to witnesses, he had a gun. Sources of Rosbalt add that shortly before the abduction he was “not himself” and “was afraid of something.”

Vasilenko is also suspected of involvement in the murder of the 'authoritative' businessman Maxim Kurochkin (Max Besheny). Rumor has it, the crime lord himself and his business partner and friend Eduard Akselrod were related to the organization of the murder and the search for perpetrators. It was also them that found the perpetrators for the attempt on Denis Voronenkov, whose customer, according to the SBU, was thief in law Tyurik. Subsequently, a conflict arose between Vasilenko and Akselrod over the latter’s possible cooperation with the SBU in Voronenkov's case. In November 2017, Akselrod was killed in Kharkov.



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