Khusan Moskovsky issue possibly settled by his patrons

Khusan Moskovsky issue possibly settled by his patrons
Khusan Ziyamuhammedov

Sources imply that legal proceedings against Grandpa Hasan’s friend were stopped thanks to his influential patrons.

It turns out that Khusan Ziyamuhammedov - a high-profile Uzbek entrepreneur, who previously had been friends with the deceased Grandpa Hasan - settled his issues with the law. As the Uzbek department of Radio Svoboda learned yesterday, his name was excluded from the list of defendants in the criminal case opened in Uzbekistan in April 2015. He and his alleged accomplices had previously been charged with organizing an illegal foreign currency trading.

Citing its source, Radio Svoboda reported that the legal procedures in the case of Khusan Ziyamuhammedov were stopped after Uzbek President Islam Karimov visited Moscow this April. Previously, it was reported that the entrepreneur has a high-ranking patron. Allegedly, it was a high-ranking official from the Rosvooruzhenie (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosoboronexport).

Khusan Ziyamuhammedov, known in the criminal underworld as Khusan Moscovsky and Khusan Tashkentsky, was arrested in St. Petersburg by criminal investigators in late January 2016. Ziyamuhammedov renounced all ties with the criminal world, although he was standing with crowned thieves (including Grandpa Hasan) on some photographs. An informed source reported that Khusan was planning to fly back to Italy, where his brothers had been living for a long time. However, despite the fact he had a valid Schengen visa in his passport, the police prevented him from departing to Italy. Moreover, after his arrest, the Uzbek Prosecutor General’s Office sent a request to Russia, stating that Ziyamuhammedov is involved in several criminal cases at home country.

Following those events, there were reports that in the near future Ziyamuhammedov would be deported to his country, but that did not happen.

Thanks to his connections with Aslan Usoyan, even after his death, Khusan Tashkentsky retained a prominent position in the criminal world, not only in Uzbekistan, but also abroad. We should note that it was at the wedding of his daughter that a notable conflict between Pichugov and Galeya happened. This conflict divided the thieves’ underworld.



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