Kharkov: underboss and "common fund" keeper detained with weapon and methadone 

Kharkov: underboss and "common fund" keeper detained with weapon and methadone

Withdrawn PM pistol and convolutions with substances were sent for examination. A criminal case has been initiated.

On January 24, the Main Directorate of the National Police officers in the Kharkiv region detained 44-year-old men in the regional center who had been convicted several times for serious crimes. They had a PM pistol with cartridges and two convolutions with a white substance, presumably methadone, during a personal search.

The physical evidence from the detainees was confiscated and sent for investigation to the Kharkov Scientific Research Expert Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Both detained repeat offenders are reported to have an impact on the criminal situation in the region. According to the Ukrainian police, one of them is the underboss in the Kharkiv region nicknamed Valerson, the second is the holder of a “common fund,” whose name or nickname is not reported.

Militiamen opened a criminal case on the fact of detention under Part 1 of Art. 309 (illegal production, manufacture, acquisition, storage, transportation or shipment of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues without the purpose of sale) and Part 1 of Art. 263 (illegal handling of weapons, military supplies or explosives) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Investigative actions regarding the detainees are continuing.

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