Key Russian criminal in Central Europe wanted

Key Russian criminal in Central Europe wanted
Thief in law Andranik Sogoyan (Zap)

There was issued a warrant for the arrest of Arman Akharonyan, who is considered the boss of the gang extorting money from businessmen.

Slovakia has issued an international warrant for the arrest of Arman Akharonyan, the central figure among Russian-speaking criminals of Central Europe. According to Czech Television, Akharonyan was issued a European arrest warrant on charges of restriction of another person’s freedom and extortion. He is considered the head of the gang businessmen fell victims to. They were extorted money for non-existent debts.

Akharonyan has been living in Prague for the last few years. Sometimes he was seen in five different addressed. According to neighbors, he appeared there from time to time and picked up the mail. But once the Slovak police started to search for him, he disappeared.

In 2007 he could become a victim of shootouts. Thief in law Andranik Sogoyan (Zap) initiated contract murder of Akharonyan, but an executer made a mistake and killed a completely different person. The murder was supposed to be fulfilled by Magomed Aliyev, but he entrusted the killing to Timur Tretyakov. At first he stabbed another man misrecognizing the victim. The doctors managed to save the live of the wounded. In 14 days Tretyakov shot the driver of Sazka company CEO, again misrecognizing him for Arman Akharonyan.

On February 28, 2013 court in Prague sentenced Andranik Sogoyan in absentia to 22 years in prison on charges of murder and extortion. Timur Tretyakov was sentenced to 22 years in prison and is serving his sentence. The rest of the accomplices of the criminal received sentences ranging from 12 to 18 years. In October 2014 Zap was detained in Yerevan by Main Administration of Criminal Search staff. Czech Republic issued a European warrant for his arrest, but the Armenian authorities have released the thief in law, as the local law does not allow transferring its citizens to justice of other states. Later the Armenian Ministry of Justice also refused to accept the verdict of the Czech court. Now an international arrest warrant was issued for Andranik Sogoyan as well.

According to The CrimeRussia, Andranik Sogoyan got the nickname back when he was a child due to resemblance to one of the first models of Zaporozhets.  Born in Leninakan in 1958 Andranik Sogoyan was ‘crowned’ in 1994 in Moscow on the recommendation of thief in law Nigal Barsegyan, dubbed Nicole.



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