"Kazan does not accept thieves!". Law enforcers denied Sych's visit

"Kazan does not accept thieves!". Law enforcers denied Sych's visit
Roman Sychev

According to the source, "Here he does not come, because those, who need him, go to Moscow themselves."

A source in law enforcement agencies denied information about the 'business' visit of thief in law Roman Sychev in connection with the demolition in the shopping center Altyn in an interview with the edition Business Online. The fact that Sych came to sort out the conflict situation associated with a possible confrontation between the two criminal groups, was reported by Vechernyaya Kazan. According to the interlocutor of Business Online, "Sych does not come here, because those who need him go to Moscow themselves."

"Kazan does not accept thieves!" the interlocutor summarized.

On March 16 at about 18 o'clock 11 unknown persons in medical masks ran into the premises of the shopping center Altyn and began to smash shop windows, not attacking people. After that, the raiders got into cars of Mercedes, Infiniti and Mitsubishi and disappeared.

A few days later, three of the hijackers came to the police themselves, explaining their behavior by anger caused by too long period of the mobile phone repair. However, there is an alternative version of what happened. According to it, the raid on the shopping center was due to the refusal of his owners to pay for the ‘roof’, which he already had. After that, the edition Vechernyaya Kazan reported with reference to the source that thief in law Sych came to ‘disrupt’ the consequences of the demolition. However, a source in the law enforcement environment of Tatarstan denied this information.

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