Kazan buries Sex

 Kazan buries Sex

One of the 90s biggest crime lords found dead.

Kazan’s famous crime lord of the 90s died. Eduard Rakhmatullin had also been known by his nickname Sex. Rakhmatullin had led a gang in Kazan’s Kirovsky district. Earlier, he had been a bodyguard of Pavel Zakharov, nicknamed Pasha Tsirul, who was one of the country’s biggest drug lords of the 90s.

Initially, Eduard had been nicknamed Sax, because the man was fond of playing the saxophone. Later, the nickname turned into a more playful one of Sex.

His friends say the man had been rather reserved in recent years. The crime lord had not been returning calls for a few days. His fiends got worried and called the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The rescuers opened the door to find Rakhmatullin dead.



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