Italian was charged with participating in Shakro Molodoy's OCC

Italian was charged with participating in Shakro Molodoy's OCC
Andrey Kochuykov

Extorting of 8 million rubles from the owner of the restaurant Elements Andrey Kochuykov became a defendant in the case of a criminal group.

The companion of the kingpin Zakhar Kalashov Andrey Kochuykov (the Italian) directed the structural division in an organized criminal group, according to investigators. A source in law enforcement said it to RIA Novosti. The Russian FSB filed a case against Kochuykov on participation in a criminal community (part 2 of Article 210 of the Criminal Code).

According to him, the organized criminal group covered its activity with the private security firm Barrier, which is formally headed by Dmitry Zvontsov. As part of the private security firm there worked representatives of criminals and former security officials. They used both legal and illegal acquisition of arms, the spokesman said.

Recall that in July investigators opened a criminal case against Zakhar Kalashov on the Organization of a Criminal Community (Art. 210 of the Criminal Code). Shakro Molodoy, as the Head of a criminal community, appointed, suspended and supervised subordinate leaders, distributed between them illegally obtained money and property, assured source.

Earlier Kalashov was detained on charges of an extortion 8 million rubles from the owner of the restaurant Elements Joanna Kim. The incident itself occurred in December 2015 on Rochdelskaya Street in Moscow. People of Shakro Molodoy, headed by the Italian, supposedly required to repay debt or give away the entire restaurant. To protect the interests of Joanna Kim the former KGB officer and the former commander of the Russian Special Police Force in Moscow Eduard Budantsev came. The dispute could not be settled and started the brawl, which ended with a shootout. 2 people died, 6 were injured.

The Italian was arrested for Hooliganism, and then it was tried to replace article on a softer one – Arbitrary and to release from prison, but he was immediately arrested again already for Extortion. In August, as already reported the CrimeRussia, at a hearing of the Moscow City Court Kochuykov said that he was threatened by more serious Art. 210 of the Criminal Code (Organization of Criminal Community (Criminal Organization) or participation therein).



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