It turns out Taro is citizen of Spain. He’ll go to Spanish prison after deportation from Russia 

It turns out Taro is citizen of Spain. He’ll go to Spanish prison after deportation from Russia
Tariel Oniani (Taro)

The decision on the undesirability of one of the most influential thieves in law Tariel Oniani’s (Mulukhov) stay in Russia after his release next year was taken on August 6 by Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev. After Oniani’s release, the MIA explained, he will be expelled from Russia for life.

The leader of thieves in law’s clan Oniani-Dzhangveladze, Tariel Oniani (Taro) is a citizen of the Kingdom of Spain, RBC reports referring to a source at the MIA General Administration of Criminal Investigation. Russian law enforcers have no information about any other citizenship of Tariel Oniani. In this connection, the publication notes, he will be deported to the country of which he is a citizen.

August 17, the MIA officially commented on the decision on the ‘eternal expulsion’ of the leader of the criminal clan Tariel Oniani from Russia, the taking of which by Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs became known on August 14. That day, officers of the MIA General Administration of Criminal Investigation, who arrived from Moscow, read out the relevant decision of the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev to Oniani, who is currently serving his sentence in the correctional camp No. 6 Cherny Delfin (IK-6).

In response to RBC’s request, the MIA Department of Public Relations explained that in accordance with the Federal Law ‘On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation’, “in the event that an authorized federal executive body made a decision on the undesirability of a foreign citizen who is in prison, a territorial body of the federal executive body in the sphere of migration takes a decision to deport the person outside Russia.”

At the same time, the MIA noted that in the event of such a decision, the entry of a foreign citizen into the territory of the country is prohibited indefinitely. However, the undesirable person can be deported only after its release from the places of deprivation of liberty with the observance of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the Interior Ministry stressed.

Head of the human rights organization Pravovaya Zona, Elena Sokolova, described to RBC the procedure of deportation in case of taking an appropriate decision in respect of foreign citizens. According to her, upon the release from the colony, Federal Penitentiary Service officers will hand the prisoner over to the migration police, after which they will take him out by rail or air to the territory of the state of which he is a citizen. In Oniani’s case, taking into account his high position in the criminal world, the police may join the convoy of the migration management staff.

To recall, the thief in law Tariel Oniani (Taro) is serving his 10-year sentence for extortion and kidnapping in the Orenburg colony Cherny Delfin pursuant to a conviction by the Khamovnichesky Court of Moscow handed down in July 2010. Back then, the Federal Migration Service found the acquisition of Russian citizenship by Oniani illegal, however, no relevant court decision followed.

In Spain, where Taro had lived for a long time, having successfully established a ‘laundering’ scheme of dozens of enterprises in the sphere of construction and real estate together with another well-known thief in law Zakhary Kalashov, he was put on the wanted list for organizing a crime community and money laundering in 2005. 


Zakhary Kalashov after deportation from the United Arab Emirates to Spain

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation received a request from Spanish law enforcement officers to extradite Oniani eight years ago. However, back then, they gave Oniani to the Spanish law enforcement agencies only for the time of investigative actions, since he could not be extradited to Spain before serving sentence on the Russian verdict, the Prosecutor General's Office explained.

As previously reported by The CrimeRussia, after Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) went to prison, Taro’s release is the main upcoming event in the criminal underworld. Many believe him to be the potential ‘Thief No. 1’. The historic enemy of Ded Hasan and almost all of his followers, who now constitute the main backbone of the ‘thieves’ Olympus’, he can launch a new struggle for power. 

According to RBC’s source in the criminal investigation department, it never ceased inside the criminal clans, escalating after the assassination of Vyacheslav Ivankov (Yaponchik) in 2009 and Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan) in 2013. In the criminal environment, many considered Taro and his allies the paymasters of both resonant murders, however, Oniani himself always denied any involvement in them.



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