"It’s not cop's business to know whether you are thief or not." In criminal world, decision made on those who gave up title

"It’s not cop's business to know whether you are thief or not." In criminal world, decision made on those who gave up title

Article 210.1 of the Criminal Code may lose its effect.

Investigators and operatives in criminal cases under the article on "occupying a higher position in the criminal hierarchy" use the minimum evidence base to bring to account thieves in law, writes Rosbalt, citing a source. Thus, any “criminal general” may fall under the new article and go to the colony for an extremely long time. This led to the fact that the thieves began to abandon the titles directly on police cameras. According to a source, the criminal world has decided that such acts are not shameful.

Recall that the new article 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation entered into force in the spring of 2019. It did not lead to instant results - the investigators were waiting for special explanations about what evidence is needed in order to be able to charge under this article. However, the first precedents of the arrests showed that the basis for the prosecution is extremely minimal.

According to the source, cases are made up as follows. A thief in law account card is taken from the database of the MIA. It contains the entire known “track record”, as well as information about where and when he was vetted. Further, it is necessary to obtain the testimonies of only two witnesses that the given criminal really is at the top of the criminal hierarchy and that he controls the criminal contingent in any region. In a jail it is quite real to get such evidence from the detainees. So, the case under Article 210.1 of the Criminal Code gets opened.

On the other hand, it is not known how the court will respond to such evidence. Now all such cases are under investigation and have not passed through the court. But as the source notes, the investigators are calm — it seems that there should be no problems in the supervisory authority and in the judiciary.

After the first arrests, criminal circles were forced to think seriously. If earlier they believed that it was unlikely for most to be arrested under this article, now it has become clear that almost all thieves in law are under attack.

Thus, a change has come in their lives. They don't risk to gather as more than two “criminal generals” at the same time — “gatherings” are no longer practiced in Russia, with rare exceptions. According to a source, crime bosses had to spend many hours in messengers to agree on something.

It is worth noting that when a similar law was adopted in neighboring Georgia, the thieves held one global gathering, where they decided that under the threat of a long term, the question of whether you are a thief could be answered negatively to the police. In order to “clear their conscience” and justified themselves they even remembered the practice of the 1990s, when bandits carried with them a statement on paper that they were carrying a gun to be handed over to the police. According to the version that they presented to the police who stopped them, they just found this weapon.

“It’s not the cop’s business to know whether you’re a thief or not a thief,” the crime bosses decided. The new law contains an explanation, which states that if a thief in law renounces his title in writing and writes a statement about two crimes known to him that are not disclosed at the moment, he can be “pulled out” from an article that threatens him 15 years in a colony. Now, the source suggests, law enforcement officers will find pieces of paper from the thieves stating that they are not thieves.

The other day the following incident occurred. Thief in law Mukha Lyuberetsky was detained by the metropolitan officers of the Main MIA Directorate when he flew out to rest with his wife in Sochi. Mukha immediately in front of the camera told the investigators that it was not a thief in law.

For the cre boss the scheme worked perfectly — after a preventive conversation he was released.



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