Investigators establish how Shakro Molodoy's 'guards' extort $309.7 thousand from businessmen 

Investigators establish how Shakro Molodoy's 'guards' extort $309.7 thousand from businessmen
Batyr Bekmuradov

14 people working for the thief in law are pending trial.

The Main Investigative Directorate (MID) of the Main Directorate (MD) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Moscow completed the investigation and sent two criminal cases on extortion to court. Among the victims are the owner of Moscow restaurant in Rochdelskaya Street and the head of the commercial organization located in Minskaya Street, according to the official website of the MIA.

Notably, the second case was disclosed when investigating the extortion of 8 million rubles ($137.6 thousand) from the owner of Elements restaurant Zhanna Kim. The money was demanded from her by the helpers of Shakro Molodoy, led by Andrei Kochuykov. Then, in December 2015, a shootout began between them and the lawyers that arrived to help the restaurateur, which resulted in two members of the thief's group being killed. The attempt of Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) to ransom detainee Kochuykov (Italianets) led to the detention of himself, as well as of high-ranking personnel of the Investigative Committee for Moscow - Denis Nikandrov, Mikhail Maximenko and Alexander Lamonov.

It is curious that just this week co-owner of Yakitoriya restaurant chain Oleg Sheikhametov came to the investigative department of the FSB of Russia to state that it was him who decided to bribe the employees of the Investigative Committee in order to mitigate the article imposed on his friend Kochuykov and thus release him from jail, not Kalashov. As explained by the lawyer of restaurateur Vladimir Zherebenkov, his client, who had recently lived abroad, was worried because "another man" was under arrest for his crime and intentionally flew to Moscow to give full confession.

According to Sheikhametov, for the liberation of Italianets he gave his friend, ex-policeman Evgeny Surzhikov, 500 thousand dollars. After this, the MID of the Investigative Committee (ICR) in Moscow changed Italianets' indictment from Art. 163 of the Criminal Code (Extortion) for a more lenient Art. 330 of the Criminal Code (Arbitrariness), but immediately after his release overnight into June 15, 2016, he was detained by the FSB.

Another episode is related to Batyr Bekmuradov (Bek), who is related to Kalashov and, according to some reports, is the head of his security service. According to the investigation, in June 2015, former paratrooper and ex-aide of the Head of Ozersky district of the Moscow region demanded 10 million rubles ($172 thousand) from entrepreneur Lev Garamov as compensation for debts to his creditor. Garamov owed some Ruslan 2 million rubles ($34.4 thousand). The scheme of work with debtors lied in Bek giving them a kind of 'black label' - a profile on their entire family, hinting at unpleasant consequences in case of failure to fulfill their conditions.

Garamov then appealed to the police with a statement about the threat of murder, but he was refused to initiate the case. Later, Bek's people, Zelimkhan Patiev and Alexander Kryukov came to the office of the businessman and set a deadline to which Garamov should give the money. A few days later kickboxer Vadim Prokhorov came to his house and beat him in front of the witnesses. And even after that the police department refused him in initiating proceedings again.

The criminal case under part 3 of Art. 163 of the Criminal Code (Extortion committed by a group) was instituted only on August 20, 2016, that is, after the detention of Kalashov. Soon Bekmuradov and members of his security company - Zelimkhan Patiev, Alexei Golubev and Ian Sorokin - were detained.

In Ozersky district close to Bekmuradov famous local athletes - 31-year-old kickboxer Vadim Prokhorov and 33-year-old Alexei Maximov dubbed Boston were also taken. Prokhorov is a promising, according to coaches, athlete, who, according to the investigation, in his spare time from studies in the Olympic Reserve, served as a grantsman of money from entrepreneurs, defending the interests of Shakro Molodoy. Previously, Maximov worked as Deputy Chief of the Planning Department of the district administration. In addition, he is known for his active civic position - for a long time he headed the local branch of environmental movement Mestnye (Locals) in Ozersky district. Under the nickname Boston he was known to many townspeople.

In total, the defendants in both cases are 14 people.

At present, the investigation is completed, the criminal case has been sent to the Nikulinsky District Court of Moscow for examination on the merits.



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