Interpol wanted crowned thief Guga arrested in Ukraine

Interpol wanted crowned thief Guga arrested in Ukraine
Guga will probably be extradited to Hungary

On June 21, Ukrainian National Police arrested the codebound criminal in Kiev.

Another crowned thief-in-law has been detained in Kiev following covert activities. This time, it was Sergey Glonti, known in the criminal underworld by the nickname Guga. During the arrest, it was revealed that Guga was on the Interpol’s wanted list at the request of Hungary. The authorities of this country suspect the kingpin of forging the passport of a Hungarian citizen. On a side note, 44-year-old Glonti had already been arrested several times for forgery during his criminal career.

Guga was captured the night before in one of Kiev's cafes, the press service of the National Police of Ukraine reported. According to official data, in Kiev, the detainee "was trying to expand his field of activities by taking control over the criminal groups of different ethnic origin, which dealt in looting apartments, stealing valuables from cars, grand thefts of expensive cars, as well as the sale of drugs."

The Ukrainian authorities are currently preparing to extradite the perpetrator. After that, Glonti will go to Hungary, a country that initiated the search, where he will have to answer for his crimes.



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