“I still have time for sitting”: court extended arrest of Shakro Molodoy

“I still have time for sitting”: court extended arrest of Shakro Molodoy

Today, the Tverskoy Court decided to extend the arrest of the criminal leader Shakro Molodoy until 15 November. The thief in law is accused of an extortion of 8 million rubles from the owner of the restaurant Elements Joanna Kim.⁠

The thief in law Andrey Kochuykov, supposedly on behalf of Shakro, arrived at Elements Restaurant for the extortion of 8 million rubles for the familiar of Kalashov Fatima Misikova. The conversation with the owner of the restaurant turned into a shootout, in which two people, who came together with Kochuykov, were killed.

The Italian and another accused in the case Eduard Romanov were detained by investigation authorities. Upon the expiry of their arrest, they were released, but were immediately detained at that moment by the FSB. Last week, the re-arrest was declared illegal.

Yesterday the other party of skirmish on Rochdelskaya was released - a former KGB officer Eduard Budantsev, who was the representative of Joanna Kim. According to investigators, Budantsev was namely guilty of the murder of two people. Accompanying Budantsev the former operative of the Moscow Criminal Intelligence Vladimir Kostrichenko and the former officer of the Special Police Force in Dagestan Petr Cherchintsev claimed that the former officer of the KGB used the weapon for self-defense. The edition Mediazona recalled that Budantsev worked for the KGB and the Interior Ministry, where he struggled with crime bosses.

Journalists of Mediazona were able to visit the courtroom during the hearing for the extension of Shakro’s arrest. Among the defendant's lawyers there was attended Alexander Gofshtein, who is known for the protection of eminent representatives of the criminal world. He had been arrested in Spain on suspicion of aiding the Russian mafia, but later the Spanish court acquitted him.

Kalashov himself did not lose his presence of mind. On offer to sit Kalashov joked: "I still have time for sitting (doing time)." The judge proceeded to the reading of personal data, according to which the thief in law is the father of three minor children.

Then it was read out the very application for the extension of the arrest, which was provided by the main investigator of the Main Department of Internal Affairs in Moscow Viktor Zakharchenko. Kalashov is still charged with Article 163 of the Criminal Code (Extortion). Art. 210 of the Criminal Code (Organization of a Criminal Community), on which the accused could be allegedly charged, was not mentioned. Kalashov refused to plead guilty.

The protection of the accused, represented by lawyers Tengiz Papaskua and Alexander Gofshtein, required to provide grounds for extending the detention. In response the accusation listed new investigatory actions on the case of thief in law: a ballistic examination, an additional interrogation, an arrest in absentia of Fatima Misikova, her international searching. Gofshtein considered these reasons insufficient for further detention.

After returning from the deliberation room judge Neverova read out the decision: the arrest was extended until 15 November. According to the court, on the freedom Kalashov can exert pressure on witnesses or flee. In addition, investigators had witnesses’ evidences against Shakro. After the verdict the criminal leader remained silent, ignoring the judge's questions. His lawyers also did not give any comments.



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