“Iʼm not MacLeod. I donʼt have 10 lives.” Arrested ‘thief in lawʼ Shishkan foresees his death in prison 

“Iʼm not MacLeod. I donʼt have 10 lives.” Arrested ‘thief in lawʼ Shishkan foresees his death in prison
Oleg Shishkanov

The ‘thiefʼ is convinced that if heʼs going to be sentenced to a term, itʼs going to be a ‘one way ticketʼ for him.

‘Thief in lawʼ Oleg Shishkanov (aka Shishkan) detained for leadership in the criminal hierarchy has talked to MK. He says the prison term would mean death for him.

In his words, as he had records with a psychiatrist, he will ask for medics examination at the Institute named after Serbsky.

Medvedev noted that he does not agree with his arrest and is intent on appealing it. The hearings are scheduled for July 24. The newspaper notes that Shishkanov communicates with reporters a lot. However he canʼt forget about the publication of a photo album seized during the searches.

“They called me a leader of a criminal community in court. Leader is a good thing everywhere: at manufacturing, at a party. What is a leader of a crime gang? Theyʼre supposed to prove thereʼs a gang and it commits crimes. Where is it?” He wonders, noting that he is accused because of information on the web.

The ‘thiefʼ notes he had 5 children and many diseases.

“50 men detained me. Was it worth doing it? Iʼm not armed and donʼt even carry a knife. God bless them all!” He says, noting that the prison conditions are all right.


“But if Iʼm sentenced to a term at my age, thatʼs going to be a one way ticket for me. Iʼm not MacLeod (Duncan MacLeod is a character at a TV-series Highlander). I donʼt have 10 lives. How come there are this long terms in the Criminal Code? People are not Pyatigorsk eagles. They canʼt live so long. It would be better if they just shot me,” Shishkanov noted.

The articleʼs author notes that the ‘thiefʼ looks concerned. In his opinion, he has paid a lot for his youth. Yes, Themis is blind, but she must be fair.

The ‘thief in lawʼ reminded that he had constructed a stadium, gathered a football team, supported veterans of sports and made many other good deeds, but no one mentions it.


“To them, I am like the “fifth column,” although I did not go to Bolotnaya Square, I did not throw my shoes on Tverskaya. My path is different. They accuse me of some counts that took place in 1992, 1993. I do not remember what happened then. Precisely by that time I was freed,” notes Shishkan.

He recalled that when he was serving his first sentence, he was tortured - hung up to a pipe, doused in bleach. After that, he had to see doctors, including a psychiatrist.

“After all, all this has combined with heredity (my sister was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 27). People usually do not talk about such things, but I was really under the care of a shrink. And I would like to undergo a forensic psychiatric examination,” the crime boss concluded.



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