"I do not know what is next." Thief in law Guli converses with journalist after release

"I do not know what is next." Thief in law Guli converses with journalist after release
Nadir Salifov (Guli) and Eynulla Fatullaev

It was made public that the crime boss lives in his house in Turkey along with his mother and 22-year-old son, and that he mixes with the main Turkish mobsters and reads Grossman.

45-year-old thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli) was visited in Turkey by the editor-in-chief of the Azerbaijani portal Haqqin.az, the founder of the public association For Human Rights Eynulla Fatullaev.

According to the Baku journalist, an armored limousine met him at the Istanbul airport, which took him far beyond the city to the thief's house. His 'residence' is well guarded by many people, both outside and inside.

All these people – Guli fighters, Fatullaev says, are ready to die for their 'leader'. Recently the Turkish police have quelled the attack prepared on the house of the criminal. Last week, a group of 11 people was detained under the leadership of the brother of thief in law Rovshan Lenkoransky, killed in 2016, Namik Dzhaniev. The killers, most of whom were members of the Turkish gang called Shirinler, according to haqqin.az, planned to eliminate not only Salifov, but also his entire immediate entourage.

When entering the house the journalist was met by Guli's mother and his 22-year-old son, who all his life knew about his father only basing on the legends and myths made up about him in Azerbaijan. Finally, Guli himself came to greet Fatullaev. As the journalist and public figure said, they met in 2006, when he visited him in prison №8 in 2006 in line of duty. According to Fatullaev, even then he considered him as a modern Robin Hood - a criminal defender of the miserable and depressed. Additionally, Fatullaev admitted, Guli impressed him with an emotional rhetoric that if you watch some officials, you still do not know who the real culprit actually is. After that visit, Guli was imprisoned in a punishment cell, the head of the prison was ousted, and a special regime was introduced in the prison.

Now, the arrival of the old friend of Guli was marked with a set festive table, at which also sat another friend of the thief - one of the notorious leaders of the Turkish mafia Sedat Peker. Also at the table was noticed and Guli's brother Namik, a thief in law as well, was also noticed at the table.

After a meal, when the excitement subsided, the journalist and the thief in law could talk privately.

"It seems there was not this quarter of a century," Guli said in the courtyard in the open air, recalling a line from one of Vasily Grossman's novels that the dance of a young girl on the first ball lasts longer than 25 years of seclusion of the prisoner of Shlisselburg prison. When asked about what was next, the thief only answered: "I do not know, I do not know anything yet".



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