“I am thief and proud of it.” Thief in law Roland Kutaissky detained in Brest

“I am thief and proud of it.” Thief in law Roland Kutaissky detained in Brest
Thief in law Roland Chikvaidze

On December 25, 2018, the Georgian thief in law, Roland Chikvaidze, known in the criminal world as Roland Kutaissky was arrested in the city of Brest in the south-west of Belarus.

Belarusian law enforcement officers told the 63-year-old crime boss about undesirability of his stay on the territory of the republic, after which he was arrested. The term of arrest appointed to Roland Kutaissky is not reported.

During his detention, answering the operatives' question about whether he was related to the criminal world, Chikvaidze said: “Yes, I am a thief and proud of it.”

The thief in law Roland Chikvaidze was a participant in the well-known showdown during the thieves’ “gathering” in December 2000, when the relationship was figured out by the thief in law Sergo Kutadeladze, nicknamed Baiko and his “godson” Roland Kutaissky on the one hand, and the leader of the Greek Kutaisi clan, David Sebiskveradze (Dato Kutaissky) on the other.

As a result of the conflict, Dato Kutaissky was seriously injured and remained wheelchair-bound for life. However, after some time, Roland Chikvaidze was avenged to for Sebiskveradze – in St. Petersburg, accidentally colliding with him at the door of one of the shops, Shakro Molodoy's relative Zviyad Ozmanov hit him with a knife. For this, in February 2013, Ozmanov was vetted in Moscow by the leaders of the clan Kardava-Mzarelua.

Back in 2003, in retaliation for Sebiskveradze, Lasha Shushanashvili (Lasha Rustavsky) ordered to break Baiko's spine, but he remained unharmed.



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