How illegal dumps near Moscow continued to exist thanks to officials and thief in law Shishkan 

How illegal dumps near Moscow continued to exist thanks to officials and thief in law Shishkan

The delicate landing of a passenger Airbus with engines out and a retracted landing gear in an open field has once again raised the topic of landfills in the Moscow region, which has recently become perhaps the most acute problem. In a short period of time, a lot of corruption ties have been found in connection with the incident, though not by law enforcement agencies but by journalists. Therefore, there are no persons responsible who have been punished for this. In turn, The CrimeRussia found out how the landfills nearby Zhukovsky airport, where the notorious flock of seagulls had come from, are connected with thief in law Shishkan and why it did not bother anyone for so long.

August 15, 2019, Ural Airlines’ Airbus A321 was forced to make an emergency landing due to the failure of both engines just a few minutes after taking off from the Zhukovsky Airport. As a result of the hard landing and bottoming out, the plane sustained critical damage; but most importantly, all 233 people who were on board, including crew members, survived. 

While the Interstate Aviation Committee and the Investigative Committee are conducting their investigations into the causes of the accident, the version that the liner collided with a flock of seagulls, some of which got into the engines, which led to their failure, became widespread.

Soon after the emergency, it became clear that the seagulls had every opportunity to enjoy a full and happy life around the airport, so to say. Less than two kilometers from the runway there are numerous water reservoirs (including the Moscow River) that allow birds to nest, as well as landfills that provide them with food.

Приземлившийся в поле самолет

The plane after landing

Without taking into consideration the Safonovo solid waste landfill, which is inactive and located at a distance of 7 km, and which officials used to refer to as the only landfill in the district, we have the Narkvod solid waste landfill right next to the airport. It was officially closed back in 2003; however, according to environmentalists, only a couple of years ago, it stank of acrid smoke from burning waste that was burned to hide the fact that garbage was still being brought into the landfill. 

Next to it is a reinforced concrete plant, which adapted Lake Glushitsa and the flooded quarry located next to it for the ‘storage’ of its waste. Having visited this place back in 2017, Elena Grishina, deputy chairman of the Public Council of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage (Rosprirodnadzor), warned that seagulls flying here could lead to air accidents. In the same year, the Ministry of Ecology and Nature Management of the Moscow region issued an order demanding that the reservoir and its coastline be cleaned of debris. In addition, a criminal case under part 1 of Art. 247 of the Russian Criminal Code (Violation of the Rules for Dealing with Environmentally Hazardous Substances and Waste) at the Ministry’s request. 

Озеро Глушица в 2017 году

Glushitsa lake in 2017

After that, it was reported that the release of garbage was suspended, and most of the territory was cleared. However, a month before the hard landing of Airbus A321, the Gromov Flight Research Institute – the owner of the Zhukovsky airport – still complained to the prosecutor’s office about landfills with birds near the airport. 

According to the results of a large-scale inspection of landfills, which took place after the incident, the Minister of Ecology of the Moscow region Dmitry Kurakin said that about 100 million rubles ($1.5 million) would be required to liquidate an illegal dump near Lake Glushitsa.

At the moment, the Rosprirodnadzor department in the Central Federal District is trying to recover 25.2 million rubles ($391 thousand) from the owner of these lands, Vympel-K, as compensation for environmental damage.

Озеро Глушица сейчас

Glushitsa lake now

As The CrimeRussia found out, the concrete goods plant belongs to the company M-Leasing, and the adjacent territory used for the dumping of its waste belongs to Vympel-K. By a weird coincidence, its 100 percent owner is a municipal deputy of Zhukovsky and a member of the Commission for the Improvement of Urban Planning and (!) Nature Management, Rodion Kuzin. Through his other two companies, Liftservis and Zavod Stroitelnykh Materialov (‘Building Materials Plant’), he is connected with businessmen Konstantin Gornostaev and Pavel Zhermenev, who, in turn, are associated with Head of the Istra city district, Andrey (Asfan) Vikharev. In March last year, he was appointed acting head of the Volokolamsk region so as to reduce the intensity of popular resentment after the poisoning of 183 people as a result of a discharge from the Yadrovo landfill site.

Родион Кузин

Rodion Kuzin

The official businessman Vikharev used this career advancement with the maximum benefit for himself, which elicited the interest of law enforcement agencies. In December 2018, the administration of Volokolamsk district underwent searches. FSB and MIA Directorate for Combating Economic Crimes in the region searched for documents related to the conclusion of multi-million dollar contracts with companies, with which Vikharev was involved. His faithful assistant Irina Vishkareva, who wandered from position to position with her boss, was charged with embezzlement of 9 million rubles ($140 thousand) from the district budget. However, Vikharev got away with a transfer to a new leadership post.

Андрей (Асфан) Вихарев

Andrey (Asfan) Vikharev

Nevertheless, the waste at Lake Glushitsa was mainly construction debris. The forage base for gulls was created (and still is) by the nearby waste handling station, which has been owned by Ekoservis LLC since 2005. Previously, this company has been repeatedly held accountable for environmental violations. Of the most egregious violations was the creation of garbage piles up to two meters high without any shelters (canopies) and the lack of a rain and melt water collection system flowing through the station. It is noteworthy that it is in close proximity to the Moskva River. Currently, the situation with this fly dumping arising at the behest of the station is controlled by the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities of the Moscow region, which has been monitoring all existing facilities in the waste management industry since September 2018.


Territory (highlited) of Glishitsa lake, of garbage transfering station and an illegal landfill

Ekoservis is currently in the liquidation phase, but its successor – EkoTrans LLC – continues to work with the same list of ultimate beneficiaries. Company head, Vasily Erichev, has recently reported about a bird scarer installed in the sorting area. However, when asked by a TV correspondent how it worked and did it work at all, he could not provide a clear answer.

EkoTrans is equally owned by Gorodskoy Tranzit LLC and Chisty Gorod LLC, which was established by Yulia Sidorova, Nikita Olegovich Kuleshov, and Oleg Anatolyevich Kuleshov. The latter is well known to local law enforcers as the once active member of Ramenskaya organized criminal group, which controlled the cities of Zhukovsky and Ramenskoye back in the ‘dashing 90s,’ and its boss was thief in law Oleg Shishkanov (Medvedev), also known as Shishkan.



But that is not all. Sidorova is a co-founder of Yarmarka LLC, which is engaged in the rental and management of non-residential real estate, together with Liliya Strokina, Shishkan's civil wife. We have already reported about her in our previous materials. It was in the name of Strokina that a large mansion of the thief in law in Ramenskoye was registered, which had the infamous pool, at the bottom of which there was a thief’s star.

Strokina has been running business since the late 90s; first, it was hairdressers in Moscow, and then companies for the sale and rental of real estate mainly registered in Ramenskoye (Milisa, Zorka, Okean, Finkomkonsalt, Nedvizhimost-Plus).

Лилия Строкина с дочкой

Liliya Strokina

Let’s move on. At the same address where Yarmarka was registered (3 Teatralnaya Street, Bykovo, Moscow region), there is a security company Tsezar-L, which used to provide security for the waste sorting station. The co-founder of this private security company is another representative of the Kuleshov family, a certain Olga Kuleshova. 

In addition, Egor Yesin, Shishkan’s right-hand man, was connected with EkoTrans through the henchmen of Kuleshov and other local businessmen – Aleksandr Chaly, Dmitry Gusev, as well as Vasily Уrichev. Egor managed to escape right on the eve of the thief’s arrest and is now on the international wanted list. Some sources say he had been seen in the office of Ramenskoye Legislative Assembly deputy, Tatyana Sidorova, before her disappearance together with family members in 2012. As the director of the Ramenskoye Stud Farm, she had a joint business with Shishkan, and they had a dispute over money.

Татьяна Сидорова

Tatyana Sidorova

Esin was the holder of a 25% stake in Planeta Saturn CJSC. To recall, Shishkanov used to finance a football club with that name, which allowed it to break into the Russian Premier League. Planeta Saturn CJSC Director Chaly also headed Don-Servis-LTD, the founder of which was Vyacheslav Kustov, director of Ekvator, which, in turn, was owned by Mikhail Vetrov. He was associated with Aleksandr Frolov from Ekovir, and the latter with director of EkoTrans LLC, Vasily Erichev. Via MekhTrans LLC, Chaly also had contacts with Dmitry Gusev, a co-founder of Yarmarka, along with Sidorova and Strokina.

A private security company called Saturn-Strazh was located at the same address (8 Chugunova Street, Ramenskoye) as the company Resurs LLC, 40% of which belonged to Eduard Kharkov. He is notorious for attacking a police officer during the detention of Shishkanov-Medvedev. As it turned out, in his spare time, Kharkov acted as the thief’s guard. 

Эдуард Харьков

Eduard Kharkov

By the way, other former members of the Ramenskoye OCG also had some decent jobs: Aleksandr Chernyshev was listed as the founder of the regional public organization Moscow Region Saturn Fan Club, Mikhail Romov owned Gabronoit LLC, a company engaged in cutting, processing and finishing of stone, Andrey Chernyavsky (Cherny) established the Progress charity business development fund, and the late Vyacheslav Kamyshov was among the owners of the non-profit organization Saturn Fund for Assistance to Veterans of Sports, Hunting and Fishing.” 

As for Shishkan himself, he did not do business, as is custom for all thieves in law. There is only one entrepreneur in the Moscow region’s Ramenskoye in the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities database, whose full name fully coincides with the new passport data of the thief in law. According to the documents, Oleg Nikolaevich Medvedev is 50% co-owner of Plaza Ramstars business park built in 2010, with a total area of 28.3 thousand square meters. In addition to the ensemble of buildings with commercial and office premises, Plaza Ramstars has its own reservoir, recreation areas, and parking for 300 cars.

Plaza Ramstars

Plaza Ramstars

Official Director of the complex Sergey Mikhaylyuk was also the director of several companies founded by Strokina (Okean and Nedvizhimost-Plus).

But if the deputy’s seat allows Kuzin to litter near the international airport and on the banks of the Moskva River, then what kind of representatives in power do people associated with Shishkan have? 

Telegram channels say he is friends with ex-Head of the Ramensky district (and now heading the city settlement of Ramenskoye), Vladimir Demin, who has held his post for 20 years, as well as with his successor, Andrey Kulakov, who has been recently detained on charges of killing his lover. In addition, it was reported that former Head of the Ramenskoye district police department Andrey Antipov, and the current one, Vasily Sonin, even had barbecue with the vor. Of course, the leadership of the local State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate could neither stand aside.

Владимир Демин

Vladimir Demin

The only thing that overshadows Shishkan’s celebration of life, as anonymous sources say, is the presence of his enemies at the highest level in the region, which in fact might lead to his arrest.

Тамара Виноградова

Tamara Vinogradova

Without evidence, we cannot assert the existence of these connections. But we have found a much more prosaic way that allows companies associated with Shishkan to feel at ease in Zhukovsky, flouting any rules and laws. The fact is that a certain Tamara Vasilyevna Vinogradova – the full namesake of the first deputy head of the administration of the Zhukovsky city district – lives right across the fence from Shishkan's magnificent mansion on 6 Furmanov Street. It is most likely that Shishkan did not even have to agree on anything with her. In this district, where anyone will tell you who Shishkan is, despite the fact that his lawyers are doing their best to exempt their client from accusations of Occupation of the Highest Position in the Criminal Hierarchy; the mere mention of his name had a magical property. So it is quite possible that if it were not for an accidental combination of circumstances such as Shishkan's arrest and the accident with the plane, it is not known how many landfills would have existed. Nor do we believe that will disappear now.



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