"How can we mitigate sanctions against thieves in law? It is illogical question"

"How can we mitigate sanctions against thieves in law? It is illogical question"
For the thieves in law Georgia set a punishment of up to 10 years in prison

Georgia is looking for new methods of dealing with the thieves in law.

The law enforcement bodies of Georgia addressed to the Italian authorities for assistance in the search of new methods for combatting organized crime and its ideologues. Thus, according to the newspaper Georgia Online, recently, Georgia has sent a special group to Italy, which has big experience in dealing with crimininals. Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Georgy Mgebrishvili said that at the briefing.

In addition, Mgebrishvili told reporters that in the near future it is planned to clarify the definition of “thief in law” in the Article Membership in the Community of Thieves of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

- I think that at this stage this article is vague and requires clarification. We are working in this direction. I sent to Italy a special group, which has big experience in dealing with criminals, - the Minister said.

One of the journalists' questions concerned the possibility of mitigating the punishment for the thieves in law. In it the Minister replied in the negative way noting that sanctions against kingpins could only be changed in the direction of toughening, and called the reporter's question illogical.

Recall that the Article entitled “Membership in the community of thieves. Thief in law” appeared in the Criminal Code of Georgia in 2005, the main initiator of its occurrence was Mikhail Saakashvili. Currently, a culpability to the thieves' world is punishable by Georgian justice with imprisonment from 5 to 8 years with or without a fine; for thieves in law it is established more severe punishment up to 10 years in prison.



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