Homicide to be pinned on Shakro Molodoy? 

Homicide to be pinned on Shakro Molodoy?
Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy)

The criminal allegedly could have been involved in the massacre of entrepreneur Dzhambulat Shamil-ogly.⁠

An unexpected twist in the investigation of businessman Dzhambulat Shamil-ogly’s murder is reported by Life referring to the source. According to the publication, the massacre of the businessman, who virtually controlled almost all the flows of dill, parsley and onions from wholesalers to retailers, may involve Shakro Molodoy. Their interests could allegedly collide at a time when Dzhambulat Shamil-ogly refused to pay tribute to the group controlled by Kalashov.

A year ago the body of Dzhambulat Shamil-ogly was revealed with gunshot wounds near a house on Slavyansky Boulevard. The investigation found that after leaving the car in the parking lot, he was already approaching his entrance late at night when suddenly a killer overtook him, fired four bullets at him, and after that he shot him in the head.

According to Life, soon after the incident the traffic police detained the car owner, and found a gun on him, from which, as it turned out later, Dzhambulat Shamil-ogly had been fatally shot. They could not prove the involvement of the detainee in the crime and brought him to criminal liability for illegal possession of weapons. At the same time, with the help of his phone the investigators were able to close in on the organizers of the crime, including Shakro Molodoy. Assertedly, the latter wanted to show his power and intimidate businessmen who refuse to be under his ‘wing’.

A more probable version of the murder of Dzhambulat Shamil-ogly was voiced by the source of Rosbalt. According to it, the businessman died during the thieves' war for the wholesale market of greenery, which had already claimed many lives. This time thieves Rovshan Dzhaniev and Vagif Suleymanov clashed.

Вагиф Сулейманов («Вагиф Дипломат»)

Previously, the investigators who conducted the case found out that Shamil-ogly played one of the key roles in supplying greenery. He bought parsley, onion, and dill from large wholesalers, and then his numerous Gazels carried and sold the goods to retailers. Since Shamil-ogly was associated with thieves in law, he was a monopolist in the supply of greens to markets, weekend bazaars, to shops, restaurants etc. "Almost every bunch of onions, dill, parsley etc., sold at the capital counters, passed through Dzhambulat", – the source said. As a result, this business turned out to be fatal for him.  

The largest wholesale market of greenery in the Moscow region has long been under the control of the now defunct thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev, but at some point Vagif Suleimanov (Vagif Diplomat) set sights on it. Having enlisted the support of Shakro Molodoy, Vagif began an operation to take the lucrative business away from Rovshan.

His main task was to entice all wholesale suppliers of greenery from the site of Rovshan to the site in the Kaluga highway area, where Suleymanov controls the processes. Wholesalers were offered great conditions – to pay not 100 thousand rubles ($1.7 thousamd) from each truck, but 30 thousand ($529). But this could not be the determining factor for them, since the fear of Rovshan was too great. The source of Rosbalt said that the key role in nicking the business was played by Dzhambulat Shamil-ogly, who had known all the wholesalers personally for a long time. It was him who persuaded them that to work under the ‘roof’ of Vagif and Shakro behind him was not only safer, but also even more profitable than that of Rovshan. As a result, by early 2016 Dzhaniev’s site was virtually empty, all wholesalers moved to the site in the Kaluga highway area. In the spring Dzhaniev seems to have decided to support the established reputation of a man whose majority of enemies had prematurely left for another world. He himself went there in the summer of 2016 after the assassination attempt of the killer, which occurred in Istanbul.



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