‘Holder of pooled cash fund’ detained in Lipetsk region

‘Holder of pooled cash fund’ detained in Lipetsk region
Automatic weapon that was found Photo: Investigative Committee of Russia

Criminality and domestic crime are indicated among the theories.

Murder of a criminal leader has been solved in Lipetsk region’s Chaplyginsky district. Suspect has been detained and taken into custody for the pre-trial investigation.

The crime took place in November, last year. 44-year-old man - who, according to KP-Lipetsk had prior records for theft and was a holder of pooled cash fund - was shot from a carabine in a house in a settlement of Roshchinsky.

The murdered was found by his neighbours who reported to the police. Despite the fact that the murder took place during the day time, there were no eyewitnesses.

Forensic investigators of the regional Investigative Committee concluded that the man was shot at least 9 times from a rifled gun. Cartridges and bullets were sent to the ballistics examination to determine the murder weapon. The nature of injuries - to the chest cavity and head - allows to assume the man was shot point-blank.

Taking into consideration the victim’s special status in the criminal world, the investigators started looking over the full range of acquaintances with criminal records. As a result, they ended up with a 35-year-old citizen of the same district.

The detention was carried out by the operatives of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Rosgvardia representatives. Initially, the man denied accusation, however, later confessed and said where he had dug the weapon. The crime scene managers explored 300 square meters of the territory with a wanding station, and as a result, found the Kalashnikov gun that had been, according to the murderer, given to him as a present.

The further investigation found out that on the day when the crime was committed, the suspect armed himself with this gun and headed to the neighbouring settlement to even the score with his acquaintance for previous resentments. He walked 5 km across the field with the gun in his hands and knocked on the door with a mask over his face. When the owner of the house opened the door, he started shooting him.

Senior assistant of the directorate of the Investigative Committee Yulia Kuznetsova told in her interview with KP-Lipetsk that one theory is that the murder had been caused by jealousy. The murdered - despite the fact that he was married - turned out to date the suspect’s girlfriend.

The murderer faces 15 years behind bars.



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