Holder of vor Lera Sumskoy's common fund and 3 accomplices caught red-handed extorting money

Holder of vor Lera Sumskoy's common fund and 3 accomplices caught red-handed extorting money
Sergey Lysenko (Lera Sumskoy)

The detention of previously convicted residents of the Sumy region has been conducted by officers of the National Police of Ukraine.

Four locals have been detained in Glukhov, the district center of the Glukhovsky district of Sumy region, for extorting a large amount of money from a local entrepreneur, the press service of the regional police department told UNN.

It is reported that the lawbreakers were caught red-handed when demanding cash in the amount of 3 million hryvnia (more than $108 thousand) from the victim.

All detainees have authority in the region’s criminal underworld. Previously, all four had been convicted of violent crimes, and one of them is the holder of the Glukhovsky district common fund and is directly related to thief in law Sergey Lysenko (Lera Sumskoy), Sumy region police reports.

A criminal case under Art. 189 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code (Extortion) has been initiated against the detainees. At the moment, they are being checked for involvement in other similar crimes, searches are being held. A preventive measure in the form of custody is currently being elected for two of the detainees.

Earlier, in July 2018, two more henchmen of Lera Sumskoy were detained on suspicion of extortion of $1.5 thousand from a local car owner. Last time the police detained the vor himself was in the Khmelnitsky region of Ukraine in February 2018, but he was soon released. 

The 63-year-old thief in law Sergey Lysenko (Lera Sumskoy) is an underboss of the Sumy reiogn. Following the deportation of thief in law Antimos in 2009 and the death of Mamed in 2011, Lera Sumskoy became the most important figure among Ukrainian thieves in law.

As the Deputy Head of the National Police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin acknowledges, Lera Sumskoy, as well as Vladimir Dribny (Poltava), fall under the category of ‘old-school’ thieves, who have spent many years in prison and are respected. They resolve disputes arising among the convicts, appoint underbosses in colonies and pre-trial detention centers, and control the situation there.



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