Hiding from justice murderer of thief in law Evsei detained and imprisoned

Hiding from justice murderer of thief in law Evsei detained and imprisoned
Vladimir Dureev

A member of the dark killers’ gang hid from law enforcement under a cover name.

The Leninsky District Court of the city of Kemerovo found 53-year-old Alexander Salov guilty of complicity in the murder of thief in law Evgeny Evseev, known as Evsei, in 1997.

As the investigation established, members of the dark killers’ gang Alexander Salov, Eduard Nikonov and the veteran of the First Chechen War, Chevalier of the Order of Courage Vitaly Lomaev snooked the kingpin near the house and, without hiding their faces, shot Evseev on June 10, 1997. Alexander Salov was the only killer who knew the victim in person.

The client of the murder was another ‘authoritative’ Kemerovo businessman Vladimir Dureev, known as Durey or Batya. It was he who was the leader of the dark killers’ gang, which committed dozens of murders in the 90s. The war broke out between the criminal leaders a few years earlier, and Evseev also made attempts to eliminate the enemy.

For the murder of Evseev the gang leader promised the performers a gas station, but in reality he gave them only the car. Salov and Nikonov decided to up the car to immediate performer Lomaev, so that he sold it and buried the recently deceased mother with the money he had earned.

The dark killers’ gang was convicted in 2003. Dureev’s friends were sentenced to 4 to 18 years of imprisonment. He himself was hiding from justice, but in the end was sentenced to 17 years. Vladimir Dureev could be released this year. Some of the gang members managed to hide and all these years are on the federal wanted list. Killer Alexander Salov, after the murder of Evseev, quarreled with Dureev and was a participant in one of the unsuccessful attempts on the former leader. Until the fall of 2017, he was hiding under a cover name using fake passport. Salov denied all charges, but later surrendered and the court found him guilty under part 5 of Art. 33 and part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Complicity in the Murder) and sentenced him to 7 years and 4 months in a strict regime colony.



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