«Hello!»: Armenia for first time in 10 years got rid of native thieves in law

«Hello!»: Armenia for first time in 10 years got rid of native thieves in law
Andranik Sogoyan nicknamed Zap

It was not just a deportation, says a source.

For the first time in 10 years, the Armenian authorities decided to get rid of the thieves in law of Armenian nationality. According to sources, a few days ago, Aleksandr Makaryan, known as Alo (Hello), and Norayr Piloyan in nicknamed Concho were deported out of the country.

- It was not just a deportation, it was revenge for their irrespective reluctance to pay loyalty to the authorities, said the source.

Its history goes like this: recently, the patrons of the Armenian thieves in law, in particular, of the notorious Andranik Soghoyan (Zap), demanded to return the favor for the long-term peace of mind he enjoyed. According to the source, Zap, as well as friendly to him Gevorik Oshakansky and Suro were asked to take care in their own way with the local opposition that attempted to capture the police station. Now, they are kept in the same prison, where some Armenian lawyers are now. Among the authoritative inmates, there are Raphael Hoetsyan (Afo) and Samvel Harutyunyan (Samo), who focused on Alo and Concho.

Afo and Samo refused to execute the given request, due to which a split emerged in the Armenian authoritative committee and Alo and Concho were deported from the country.



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