Head of Shakro Molodoy’s security service extorting money from businessmen

Head of Shakro Molodoy’s security service extorting money from businessmen
Batyr Bekmuradov, Zakhariy Kalashov

At first, Batyr Bekmuradov would bring a happiness file to a businessman, containing all the private information about the victim and its family.

Investigators revealed the extortion scheme of blackmailers related to the thief in law Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy). We are talking about the gang, which was apprehended yesterday in Moscow as part of the operation against the crime group involved in businessmen racketeering under the guise of a private security company. It was headed by Batyr Bekmuradov (Bek), the leader of the influential crime lord’s security service, a former paratrooper and assistant to the head of Ozery district, Moscow region.

According to Life, Bekmuradov has been using the pirate principle of black spots in his work. Instead of the black spot, however, he would bring the so-called happiness file to the meeting with a potential victim, asking the businessman to open it once the meeting was over.

The file used to contain a comprehensive material from which it would become clear that the extortionists knew everything about the victim and its family’s personal life. Having the upper hand, at the second meeting Bekmuradov would specify the amount the businessman had to pay to the criminals. If the victim refused to pay or delayed the payment, Bek’s athletically built men visited the former and bled out the money.

Лев Гарамов

Photo: Lev Garamov

A businessman Lev Garamov has been one such victim. He deals in attracting investors in his projects and then returns the money with interest. According to a Life’s source close to the law enforcement authorities, a certain Ruslan has been one the sponsors investing 10 million rubles. In the summer 2015, Garamov started experiencing problems with returning timely payments to investors. Then Ruslan asked him to return all the money invested. In just a few months, the businessman was able to return 8 out of 10 million rubles. In the autumn 2015, Ruslan attended an appointment with Garamov along with Bek and his men. They announced that Garamov owed them 10 million instead of the remaining 2 million rubles. It was then that Bek handed the happiness file to the debtor. The file contained photographs of his family, their addresses and phone numbers, hobbies and travel routes. Then Garamov appealed to the Ramenky Police Department with a statement about homicide threat, but they refused to initiate proceedings.

A few days later, Bek’s men (Zelimkhan Patiev and Aleksandr Kryukov) arrived at the businessman’s office to set a deadline by which Garamov should repay the money. In a day or two he was visited by a kickboxer Vadim Prokhorov, who beat him in front of witnesses. Even then the Police Department once again refused to open a case.

Then Garamov turned to one of his investors, Valid Dadaev. He explained that he was dealing with Shakro Molodoy’s people and was in big trouble. Dadaev demanded 5 million rubles more for addressing the problem. Garamov refused his services, but Dadaev did not accept the refusal and began extorting money. 


Aleksandr Kryukov has close partnership with Batyr Bekmuradov. Kryukov is listed as the Head of Soyuz Desantnikov Private Security Company, owned by Bek. Another private security company, namely Zashchitnik PSC, also belongs to Kryukov. In addition, he is a manager of the notorious Japanese cuisine restaurant Tadayama in Vidnoe, the co-owners of which are Batyr and Nadezhda Bekmuradovs. 

August 20, 2016, the General Investigative Administration of the General Administration of Internal Affairs of the Moscow City initiated a criminal case under part 3 of Art. 163 of the Russian Criminal Code for one of the incidents of extortion in the amount of 10 million rubles from the businessman Lev Garamov.

Bek has been arrested in the office basement of his security company dealing in debt collection and extracting large sums of money from businessmen for the benefit of Shakro Molodoy. Five more security company employees have also been arrested. The Tverskoy Court of Moscow has decided to arrest all detainees before October 22.

Video: detention of members of Shakro Molodoy's gang

The list of people arrested includes the founder and Deputy Director of Zashchitnik Private Security Firm, the former employee of the Federal Security Service of Russia Aleksandr Golubev, the Vice-President of Soyuz desantnikov Rossii (Russian Paratroopers’s Union) and the Actual Head of the security company Batyr Bekmuradov, private security company employees Aleksey Maksimov, Vadim Prokhorov, Zelimkhan Patiev, and Yan Sorokin.

It should be reminded that the thief in law Shakro Molodoy is currently in a pretrial detention facility on charges of extortion of 8 million rubles from the owner of Elements restaurant Joanna Kim. According to investigation, Shakro has acted at the request of his acquaintance Fatima Misikova, to whom Kim had allegedly owed money.



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