Head of MIA in Tula told Soloma's future

Head of MIA in Tula told Soloma's future
Soloma and his friends

The only thief within the law in Tula has been detained.

The Head of Tula Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs predicted it right: yesterday operational and search activities resulted in arresting 38-year-old Aleksey Salomatin, a thief within the law, better known as Soloma Tulsky in the criminal world (Salomatin and Soloma have similar pronunciation although different origins – the last name derives from the word peace whereas the nickname translates as straw; Tulsky derives from Tula). In winter 2015, Sergey Galkin, Head of Russian MIA office in Tula told the summing-up meeting that there was a thief within the law in the region heading a major gang, and urged to detain him. He was the only thief within the law in Tula.

Soloma's detention was covered by the regional central board's press service. The Ministry said that besides him a crime lord was arrested. Both criminals had a great influence on the crime situation in the region and held key positions in the criminal environment.

Soloma is known to have been arrested in Tula's Uzlovaya Street. The Criminal Investigation officers had reasons to believe that the thief was carrying drugs. The information was confirmed after he was arrested when officers found 19.3 grams of marijuana. The drugs became the basis for a criminal case.

Besides Soloma, another person belonging to the local criminal circles had new problems. The officials possess information suggesting the previously convicted man of 32 with considerable clout may have unlicensed arms. The information has been confirmed. Currently, a criminal case against him is being investigated under article providing punishment for arms trafficking.

Soloma and his fellow criminal are yet to face other mishaps, it seems. The regional head office emphasized that they were determined to continue establishing all the details of the criminals' unlawful business.



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