Head of arrested investigator Nikandrov does not resign

Head of arrested investigator Nikandrov does not resign
Alexander Drymanov

The Head of the Main Directorate of the Russian Investigative Committee in Moscow Alexander Drymanov returned to work despite the arrest of his Deputy Denis Nikandrov.

Earlier media reported that Drymanov retired on a pension, written a resignation. However, according to a source of Rosbalt, Drymanov assumed his official duties and is already working with documents on personnel matters in the Main Directorate.

Earlier other colleagues of arrested law enforcement officers embarked on work: the Chief of Investigation Department of Main Directorate of ICR in Moscow Alexey Kramarenko and investigator of this Department Andrey Bychkov. According to a source, Bychkov conducted the case of a right hand of Shakro Molodoy - Andrey Kochuikov. In the FSB questions have arisen because of too lenient charges for thief in law, which were filed charges by Bychkov and confirmed by his chief Kramarenko. According to the investigation of security services, Zakhar Kalashov paid a bribe of 1 million dollars for the release of his right hand.



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