Head of Armenian police denies assistance of thief in law Zap in capture of ex-President’s nephew and ready to stand down 

Head of Armenian police denies assistance of thief in law Zap in capture of ex-President’s nephew and ready to stand down
Narek Sargsyan and Andranik Sogoyan (aka Zap)

Valery Osipyan said he would stand down in case someone proves a negative.

Head of Armenian police Valery Osipyan has denied the information on assistance of a thief in law Andranik Sogoyan (aka Zap) in capture of a nephew of Armenia’s former President Serzh Sargsyan - Narek Sargsyan.

He was detained on December 7 in Prague by Armenian law-enforcement officers and foreign officers including the country office of Interpol. Passport in the name of a citizen of Guatemala - Franklin Gonzales - was seized from him.

Zhamanak newspaper had reported it had been Zap who had given away the whereabouts of the nephew of Armenia’s former President who had been searched in the criminal case related to illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation, or bearing of firearms, its basic parts, ammunition, explosives, and explosive devices. He has acquired broad ties in the Czech Republic over the years of his criminal activity. At the present time, he has to hide from this country’s law-enforcement authorities in his motherland. 

Валерий Осипян

Valery Osipyan

Thus, according to the newspaper, Zap manage to mend ties with Armenia’s new authorities.

In his interview with reporters, Osipyan stated in case someone proves there’s an alliance between the police and criminal circles, he would stand down right away.

Moreover, Osipyan denied a message on a large ‘convention’ of ’thieves in law’ in Armenia that allegedly took place recently and was honored to the first anniversary of death of Armen Arutunyan (aka Armen Kanevskoy).

Osipyan noted a ‘thief’ is a ‘thief’, but first and foremost, he is a human being and enjoys all the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. He added the country’s crime rate “has never before been this low, as it is today.”

Head of Armenia’s National Security Council Artur Vanetsyan had earlier denied the information on detention of Narek Sargsyan thanks to the fact that the ‘thief in law’ had allegedly leaked his whereabouts.

As for Sogoyan, in 2016, he was manhandled by 6 ‘thieves in law’ due to the fact that he was suspected of his ties with the authorities. The authorities are believed to start supporting the ‘thief’ for the first time when he came back from the Czech Republic in 2009; he was accused of murder there. In 2013, he was sentenced to 22 years in jail in absentia; extradition request was sent to Armenia. However, the authorities of Armenia did not start cooperating with Czechs; Sogoyan remained to live in the motherland.



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