He breaks rocks, but his matters live: arrested Zviad’s henchmen gutting Spain

He breaks rocks, but his matters live: arrested Zviad’s henchmen gutting Spain
Georgian thief in law Zviad Darsadze

The large-scale special operation against Georgian mafia has turned futile.

Representatives of the Spanish Interior Ministry recognized their powerless in the fight against criminal gangs controlled by the thief in law Zviad Darsadze, nicknamed Zviad. Even the arrest of the thief has not led to a decrease of the Georgian criminals activity in Spain, according to the Interior Ministry of Spain.

In July 2015 the CrimeRussia told about a large-scale special operation carried out by Spanish security forces. As a result of the event there were detained 35 members of the Georgian OCG and its leader – the thief in law Zviad. Prior to raid the police conducted an investigation, which showed that in Spain a large gang specializing in burglaries has operated and the famous 42-year-old Kutaisi thief Zviad has controlled it. According to official information, the members of a criminal group sold stolen jewelry in a few points and proceeds from the sale added in a common fund. The gang has operated in Valencia, Madrid, as well as on the territory of the Autonomous Communities of the Basque Country and Murcia. There were seized jewelry, 100 thousand euros in cash, a gun and a variety tools for break-in.

The preparation of the special operation took a whole year, but it turned futile - the court released all 35 improvised of Zviad. Only the thief in law remained behind bars. However, according to Dw.com, the arrest has not prevented him to coordinate the work of the controlled by him gangs and they continue to gut Spanish houses. According to the latest Spanish Ministry of Internal Affairs report, more than 60 per cent of homes robberies in Madrid are committed by Zviad’s improvised, whom the court chose to let go. However, such loyalty of Themis is explained by the fact that the theft is not considered a dangerous crime in Spain, and therefore, even caught red-handed thieves are released pending trial, which could take place at year hence. As a rule, released continue to commit thefts for some time and then disappear - other persons fill their shoes. The Interior Ministry of Spain noted that Georgian burglars come to Spain for the duration of the tourist visa, 3 months, and then another group replaces them.

It should be noted that the Georgian thief in law Zviad Darsadze living in Spain was officially listed as a laborer in the company of the fruit and vegetables wholesale with a salary of 300 euros. As the handyman, he was moving on expensive cars and often arranged expensive banquets in the local restaurants. According to sources, in due time Zviad was the assistant of the European underboss Kakhaber Shushanashvili. Shushanashvili Jr. (he has a brother - Lasha Shushanashvili, also the thief in law) was sentenced to 20 years in prison for attempted murder, money laundering and document forgery in the spring of 2016. Sources claim that his function went to Zviad, who faced up custody himself, but, according to law enforcement officials in Spain, it does not put a crimp in being the leader of the criminal process in Spain.⁠



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