Hard times for Antik's business

Hard times for Antik's business
Nurik and Antimoz Kukhilava

Nurik Kukhilava, who represents the interests of his father as a kingpin since 2009, is being expelled from Ukraine.

The criminal business of thief in law Antimoz Kukhilava (Kantaria), nicknamed Antik, operating on the territory of Ukraine for several decades, is waiting for hard times. Son of the legalist Nurik Kukhilava, who, in fact, has been conducting the affairs of his father for seven years, is being expelled from the country.


Detention of Nurik Kukhilava

As the CrimeRussia previously wrote, Ukrainian police found that the 32-year-old heir of Antik was living in Ukraine illegally. According to the Department of Homeland Security of the National Police, Nurik Kukhilava received the passport of Ukraine and the foreign passport illegally. The Migration Service decided to abrogate these documents. Law enforcers of the Odessa region ordered the son of the kingpin to leave the country until the end of June 2017, but he did not fulfill the order on time. Subsequently, the court decided to force Nurik Kukhilava out of Ukraine to his homeland - Georgia.


Note that father of the detainee Antimoz Kukhilava was also expelled from the country in 2009. According to some information, in the thieves world he was considered as an underboss for Ukraine. In addition, Antik controlled smuggling flows, nippers and sliders. After the deportation of the kingpin, his son Nurik Kukhilava took over the criminal business. At the end of 2016, Antik returned to Ukraine, but left the same powers for his son. For seven years, that the thief in law held in Istanbul, he did not lose his authority in Ukraine. On December 30, 2016, Kukhilava Sr. stepped off the plane's ramp at the airport, where he was greeted by large Odessa merchants.

It is also interesting that Nurik Kukhilava was previously married to Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko. After marriage, they had a joint child. At the moment, their daughter lives with Prikhodko.

Нурик, Приходько, Антик

Nurik Kukhilava, Anastasia Prikhodko and Antik



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