Guli to be released on parole and return crown to Vlad Sharap 

Guli to be released on parole and return crown to Vlad Sharap
20 years in prison did not undermine the authority of Guli

The thief decrowned by Shakro Molodoy can regain the thieve's status with the help of an authoritative criminal.⁠

Authoritative thief in law Nadir Salifov (known as Guli), who is serving a long term of imprisonment in Azerbaijan, can soon be released on parole, a source of The CrimeRussia said.

Guli was charged in Azerbaijan under several articles on charges of committing particularly serious crimes in the early 90's. Salifov was charged with murder, the creation of an organized criminal group and robbery and sentenced to 15 years in prison. However, in 2005 when his term of imprisonment came to an end, Salifov was charged with several rapes at once, which, according to law enforcement officers, he committed directly in prison. Guli was accused of serial rape of girls who came to see him on dates.

Despite public outcry and accusations of obvious fabrication of this case against Azerbaijani law enforcement agencies, the criminal was convicted again and sentenced to 16 years in prison. At the same time the prison administration and the leadership of the penitentiary system of Azerbaijan were not punished.

At present Guli is serving a sentence in penal colony-8 of  special regime in the Azerbaijani village of Puta. The source of The CrimeRussia reported that the thief could get out much earlier than in 2021. It is worth noting that, according to Art. 76.3.3, if a rape is qualified as a particularly serious crime, the convicted person has the right for parole after serving at least three quarters of the sentence. That is how much Salifov has served so far under the verdict passed in 2005.

It also should be noted that despite the fact that the Guli is more than 20 years behind bars, the criminal enjoys a powerful influence on the criminal environment of the CIS. With the help of mafia enforcers he controls businessmen – immigrants from the Azerbaijani diaspora in the near abroad (in Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan) and in a number of Russian regions. For example, in January 2017 it became known that the Azerbaijani traders of the Sverdlovsk region, who had previously been controlled by Rovshan Lenkoransky shot by the killers in Turkey in August 2016, ‘swore fealty’ to Guli.

The possible parole of Guli in the near future can fundamentally change the situation in the thieves' environment, formed after the return of thief number 1 Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) from Spain two years ago, the source of The CrimeRussia notes.


Zakhar Kalashov

After serving several years in a Spanish prison and returning to Russia, Kalashov organized a kind of re-attestation for the thieves' world. In the spring of 2015, more than a dozen thieves in law were uncrowned by his decision, many of whom on a permanent basis. Thus, Sasha Kushner, Gilani Sedoy, Shamil, Armen Khokhol, Nika Gagrinsky, Lekso Galsky, Beso Rustavsky, Artem Lipetsky and the godchildren of Guli – Rafet Alibayramsky, Dzheyhun Gyandzhinsky and Vlad Sharap lost their crowns.

According to our source, the latter has every chance to regain the ‘crown’ with the help of Guli. Despite the moratorium to ‘coronate’ new thieves introduced by Shakro Molodoy, recently the thieves' world has witnessed exactly this trend. This is confirmed by recent news that the authority from the closest environment of Rovshan Lenkoransky Khamzat Gastamirov, better known as Sheikh Khamzat, can soon be crowned with the support of authoritative criminal Valiko Dzhedzheya (Valter). As we have reported earlier, Valter openly stated that he did not intend to wait for the release of Shakro Molodoy, who after returning from Spain headed for a clean-up of the thieves’ environment.


Valter visiting Sheikh Khamzat

Vlad Sharap was ‘crowned’ at the gathering in Turkey in 2014 together with Tolik Noginskiy and Max Pioneer, who in the same year was found hanged in the punitive confinement of correctional facility №11 in Nyrob village of Cherdynsky district. Respected in the criminal world Vlad Sharap, who was the acting mafia enforcer of a prison in Verkhneuralsk during the ‘coronation’, will receive such support from Guli, the source said. According to it, after going at large Salifov first of all intends to restore the thievish status of the criminal decrowned by Kalashov.



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