Guli’s proxy and Apraksin Dvor owner detained in St. Petersburg 

Guli’s proxy and Apraksin Dvor owner detained in St. Petersburg
Thief in law Guli

He was going to be 'crowned’ in the near future.

34-year-old Azerbaijani citizen Sarkhan Asadov, who represented the infamous thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli) in St. Petersburg was detained for violation of migration legislation the day before. According to Fontanka, in March last year, his stay in Russia was considered undesirable, and he was expelled from the country. However, some time later, Asadov came back using forged documents.

During his current detention in the underground parking on Prospekt Prosveshcheniya on June 8, Guli’s proxy presented a passport in the name of a non-existent Musaev. At the same time, the man explained that he was aware of the entry ban but needed to get back to Russia. 

According to the publication, Asadov's interest in St. Petersburg rose sharply after April 30, 2018, when businessman Fizuli Garaev, responsible for collecting tribute from Azerbaijani merchants at the Apraksin Dvor market in favor of thief in law Guli, was killed there. The investigation believes that it was his direct competitor Makhir Mamedov who committed the crime. However, he too did not manage to take this honorable position, as he was detained by police officers. 

Video: Violence between St. Petersburg thieves in law 18+

As a result, the death of one and the arrest of the second potential ‘brigadier’ opened up new career horizons for Asadov. Especially since, according to law enforcers, he could have soon become a thief in law.

After Asadov’s detention, the apartment where he lived was searched, revealing one more citizen of Azerbaijan – a certain Azizov, from whom a pistol and seventy cartridges were seized. A criminal case of Illegal Storage of Firearms and Ammunition (Art. 222 of the Russian Criminal Code) was initiated against him. Asadov was taken to a special detention center for foreigners. Documents are currently being prepared for his deportation.

To recall, Garaev’s dead body with gunshot wounds was found by passers-by outside the Apraksin Dvor market on the side of Lomonosov Street in the evening of April 30. Police officers who arrived at the scene found several shells next to the body. The criminal investigation officers were soon on the other suspect’s track — thanks to the record from the CCTV on 5 Lomonosov Street, which clearly showed the moment of the attack. Judging by the video, Mamedov, accompanied by a personal guard, shot his opponent in cold blood, finishing with a shot in the head.

The Apraksin Dvor market in St. Petersburg has long had a bad name. The last high-profile incident occurred there in December 2017. The CrimeRussia wrote about the shootout caused by a conflict over the retail space, in which almost 50 people were involved. Cases of smuggling, trafficking in drugs and weapons, thefts, and even murders are constantly reported on the market.



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