Guli’s assistant is extradited to Azerbaijan

Guli’s assistant is extradited to Azerbaijan
Elmir Mamedov aka Gipsy

The companion of the mafia boss Guli is accused in Russia of premeditated murder and illegal possession of weapons.

In the Baku Court of Grave Crimes Elmir Mamedov’s – also known as Gipsy – trial began. He was the member of an ethnic criminal group, which was controlled by the thief in law, named Nadir Salifov or Guli, who was held in prison. According to, the Baku Court will consider the case on the harmonization of Mamedov’s punishment he received in Russia with the legislation of Azerbaijan.

The gang, the active member of which Gipsy was, in the period from 2008 to 2012 on the territory of Russia, was engaged in killings and kidnappings. Some of the members of the organized crime group have already received major terms in Moscow for the hostage taking and extortion, as well as for the murder of the leader of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Krasnoyarsk Rafig Mamedov.

Salifov himself in 1996 was convicted in Azerbaijan for 27 years on charges of extortion, kidnapping and illegal possession of weapons. However, according to investigators, even while in prison, he acts as a solver in disputes between the representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora in the CIS countries and manages his personal criminal clan in Russia.

In late 2008, to represent Guli’s interests in the capital a professional athlete Samin Pashayev nicknamed Kickboxer, Elmir Mamedov (Gipsy), Rustam Aliyev (Alyosha), Tural Nadzhifov (Pasha Dvizheniye), Nazim Azizov and Viliyat Mamedov (Parkhod) went to Russia. Most of them lived in Russia on forged passports.

Parokhod came to Azerbaijani businessmen and explained to them they now have to pay for protection. If they refused to, Kickboxer, Alyosha, Pasha Dvizheniye and Gipsy got involved. Thus, soon they were able to impose a tribute to entrepreneurs working in shopping malls called Moscow (Kashirskoye Highway and Tikhoretsky Boulevard), Pokrovskaya fruit and vegetable base, the owners of auto dealerships etc. At that, the power unit of the gang tried not to keep low profile: many could only see them before they died. They were true to their conspiracy in daily life as well: they lived in a huge mansion on the edge of the village. The mansion had a huge basement, the windows were shuttered. This allowed them to hold the recalcitrant businessmen there. At the same time with the most obstinate they were not too soft and to save time simply killed them.

Thus, in 2009, the team got an order for the leader of the Azerbaijani Diaspora in the Krasnoyarsk Region Rafik Mamedov. Elmir Mamedov and Tural Nadzhifov initiated the execution. April 29, 2009, in an ambush on the road leading to the garden association Otdykh-1, they shot the car in which there was Mamedov and his three bodyguards. One of Mamedov’s bodyguards managed to escape, the other two were killed. The leader of the Diaspora died from wounds.

In addition, on account of Salifov’s gang there are kidnappings as well. That same year, the criminals demanded from an owner of a car dealership $ 6 million in exchange for his son kidnapped earlier. The businessman could not collect the entire amount, and he had to give the criminals land in the Odintsovo district near Moscow worth $ 1.5 million.

A year later, they kidnapped the brother of a deputy CEO of some company. For his release, they demanded $ 7 million. Just in the course of the investigation of this crime, the operatives encountered Mamedov. In August 2010, during a police operation the hostage was released and his kidnappers were arrested.

May 6, 2014, the Krasnoyarsk Regional Court delivered its verdict against Mamedov and one of his accomplices Tural Najafov: the men were found guilty of the murder of Rafig Mamedov and his two companions. During the preliminary investigation, the killer pleaded guilty and testified: they went on the offense because of personal animosity to Mamedov who did not want to fulfill his financial obligations. On set of crimes, Elmir Mamedov was sentenced to 21 years and Tural Najafov to 22 years of imprisonment in a strict regime colony.



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