Guli gathers hundreds of Caucasus and Central Asia mobs in Istanbul

Guli gathers hundreds of Caucasus and Central Asia mobs in Istanbul
Nadir Salifov (Guli)

The day after that, the kingpin was detained by the police but was soon released.

A global gathering chaired by kingpin Nadir Salifov (Guli) is held last Sunday in a residential neighborhood of the Fatih district in Istanbul.

Representatives of the criminal world of the Caucasus and the Central Asian republics gathered there. According to the source of the Uzbek branch of Radio Liberty, there were about 100 mobs from Uzbekistan currently living in Istanbul. Also, 30 criminal authorities from Kazakhstan and about 50 from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan arrived. At the same time, the chief representative of the entire Central Asian criminal world was someone nicknamed Akhtam Samarkandsky.

Another participant of this “gathering” noted that it was one of the largest criminal gatherings of authorities from the CIS countries.

According to him, the participants discussed how to solve controversial issues, and who would act as a judge in their decision. Also, they talked about how to spend the common fund money.

Speaking about the common fund, Guli said that he had to ask one of the largest Uzbek businessmen about the debt refund. In particular, Salifov told that in 2010 he gave $10 million to a supplier of fruits and vegetables from Uzbekistan, and he should return the money by the end of the year. Otherwise, as stated by the kingpin, the businessman will be punished according to the rules of the criminal world. Note that people are killed for cash debts.

Guli stated that he had discussed this issue with thief in law Bakhtiyor Kudratullaev (Bakhti Tashkentsky) and he fully supported him. It is known that the entrepreneur has already flown from Moscow to Tashkent to solve this issue.

Recall the day after that, Guli was detained in Istanbul by local police. It was reported that numerous publications by the Russian media about his criminal activities in Russia, as well as his possible involvement in the murder of mob Rovshan Lenkoransky, became the immediate reason for his arrest.

At that time, Guli’s entourage immediately expressed confidence that the security officials did not have direct evidence of his guilt and that he would soon be released; on Tuesday, October 9, Guli was already at large.



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