Guli gambols on Nika Gagrinsky's wedding 

Guli gambols on Nika Gagrinsky's wedding
Thief in law Guli (on the left) during the dance

Rapper Roma Zhigan gave toasts - "Life to thieves!"

Thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli) set his fiancee on his feet. And contrary to the desire of Azerbaijani singer Afag Aslan, who presented herself as his mistress, it was not she.

A new video from the wedding of kingpin Nikolay Dgebuadze (Nika Gagrinsky), held in Istanbul on June 6, captured the luxurious feast of many famous representatives of the criminal world. Having partaken for “Life to Thieves!” toasts, which Russian rapper Roma Zhigan gave, filming everything that is happening, guests of the evening rushed to the dance floor.

Гули со своей спутницей

Guli with his companion

Dancing under the song about the thieves' fate, Guli goes along with a lady in a luxurious red dress. Thief in law Timur Kapba dances with someone. They goof around, at some point someone throws away money bills on the floor, which the waiter hastily collects.

It is known that thieves in law Gocha Alpaidze (Alfason), Tamaz Barkalaya (Kotoma), Suliko Sharikadze and Giya Nizharadze attended the party. Moldova and Belarus were represented by Sergey Cheban (Kitaets) and Alexander Kushnerov (Sasha Kushner).

The Mingrels clan was represented by its leader Merab Mzarelua (Duyake), Roland Gegechkori (Roland Shlyapa), Merab Pipiya (Merab Sukhumsky), David Gazzayev (Dato Osetin), Lekso Logua (Lekso Galsky). Also, Timur Kapba and Gia Zarandia (Gia Galsky), Mahar Gvaramia (Matsi) and Nukri Dochiya (Nukri Galsky) visited the wedding.

Released at the end of 2014 from the colony rapper Roma Zhigan is not only an ordinary performer. He is quite at ease in the thievish environment, he walks from table to table and calls everyone 'bro.' However, he served two terms - for robbery and carjacking, Recall, he became widely known as a rap artist after winning the TV show The Battle for Respect 3, its awarding ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.



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