Gudzha Kutaissky - defender of prisoners

Gudzha Kutaissky - defender of prisoners
Gudzha Kutaissky

The Georgian thief, who is now in custody, turned out to be more observant than others.

Quite an unusual criminal case is being considered in the Minusinsk Court of the Krasnoyarsk region. The defendant is Sergey Blinov, a Minusinsk colony prisoner, caught on food theft. The convict had a daily access to the food, being in charge of food distribution to the cells. The thief’s catch happened to be 8 kilograms of butter and 5 liters of milk.

Сергей Блинов

The most remarkable part of the story however was another prisoner, the one who exposed Blinov. It was 39-year-old thief in law Elgudzha Turkadze (Zhemchuzhny), in the criminal world better known as Gudzha Kutaissky. He was the one to notice that the prisoners saw less food than expected. He revealed his suspicions to the prison administration. An inspection showed that Zhemchuzhny’s observance did not fail him and the unscrupulous convict became a defendant in a criminal case under Art. 158 of the Criminal Code (Theft).

Gudzha Kutaissky also acted as a witness in the court. Sergey Blinov fully admitted his guilt and even apologized – not to his fellow prisoners however, but to the prison administration.

The court will return the verdict against Blinov soon.



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