Criminal gathering in Greece may inchoate war between two clans of thieves in law 

Criminal gathering in Greece may inchoate war between two clans of thieves in law
Lasha Shushanashvili

The Greek clan of Lasha Rustavsky intends to arrange a gungshow for Zviad Papiashvili, who has recently met with the leader of the hostile Sukhumi clan, Merab Dzhangveladze.

Soon Greece will hold a major thieves' gathering of the Georgian clan of Lasha Shushanashvili, known as Lasha Rustavsky.

According to The CrimeRussia, the gangsters of Lasha Rustavsky's clan will place the behavior of 43-year-old Tbilisi thief in law Zviad Papiashvili on the agenda and parley the evolving relationships with the hostile clan of Merab Dzhangveladze (Merab Sukhumsky) – a long-time opponent of thief in law Aslan Usoyan (Ded Khasan) and, according to one inference, a likely customer of his murder.

Zviad Papiashvili has already been formally invited to the Greek gathering. The exact date of it will be known later.

The reason for the conversation between the 'brothers in trade' and Zviad was his recent meeting with Merab Sukhumsky, whom Lasha Rustavsky's clan does not recognize as a thief in law.

It is known that during the talks Merab Sukhumsky suggested that Zviad should forget the old grudges against the representatives of his clan in exchange for their recognition. The background to the conversation was an incident that happened almost ten years ago. In 2008, Papiashvili was beaten and 'decrowned' in Tbilisi detention center No. 7 by thieves in law Ramaz Tbilissky, Giga, Givi Dzaguniya and Kokono for being loyal to his friend Alexander Kurasbediani, dubbed Dato Tsripa, who had been 'decrowned' shortly before that by the thieves of reprimand facility No. 7 for unauthorized foray outside prison, which led to a more stringent regime in the prison.


Zviad categorically rejected the proposal of Merab Sukhumsky, but the very meeting caused a mixed reaction in the clan of Lasha Rustavsky, with the help of which Zviad returned his 'thievish' status in 2013.

It is worth noting that at present the leaders of both warring clans are at liberty, which does not prevent them from discussing mutual claims. The first step towards the talks was initiated by Dzhangveladze after meeting with Papiashvili, but it is a controversial issue if Lasha Rustavsky's clan will agree to a truce.

Given the indignation of its members caused by Zviad's act (some of them regarded his meeting with Dzhangveladze as a betrayal), the criminals from Shushanashvili's circle are far from being peaceful. With thief No. 1 Shakro Molodoy being behind bars, thanks to which the thieves' world is decentralized and influenced by several leaders and candidates for the 'throne' at once (Guli, Osetrina Sr., Gela, as well as Slavic thieves Shishkan, Petrik and Tyurik) the gathering planned in Greece can open the way to serious brawls between two influential thieves' clans.

The leader of the Sukhumi clan, Merab Dzhangveladze, is also not averse to taking part in the struggle for the ‘throne'. As The CrimeRussia has reported in June, taking advantage of Shakro Molodoy's incarceration, Dzhangveladze has already made attempts to press his entourage on the leadership positions in the thieves' hierarchy. In addition, it is known that earlier this year the 'patriarch of the Georgian thieves' diaspora in Greece' and Dzhangveladze's ally David Sebiskveradze (Dato Kutaissky) met with the envoys of Shakro Molodoy and refused them to hand over the Greek common fund.



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