Giya Galsky detained in Moscow to be deported from Russia 

Giya Galsky detained in Moscow to be deported from Russia
Giya Zarandiya will stay in a detention center for foreign nationals

The “thief-in-law” has recently become a public person in Russia.

The newly crowned “thief-in-law” is leaving our country as a non-grata person. At this time, the procedure of deportation is mandatory for 36-year-old Georgian “thief-in-law” Giya Zarandiya, also known as Giya Galsky. The decision on his deportation has been taken recently. According to the information provided by the Moscow Central Internal Affairs Directorate, some time before the Court of the Khoroshevskiy District incriminated Giya Galsky in the Part.3 Article. 20.25 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.

On the 6th of May 2016, Giya Galsky was detained by police officers in the Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Shchukino District, Moscow. At the same time, the Court of the Khoroshevskiy District found the “thief-in-law” guilty in the administrative misconduct, punished him with a fine and demanded to leave Russian Federation during the following 10 days. Nevertheless, Giya continued his staying in Moscow hotels, using fake documents.

Before the departure, Giya Zarandia will be hold in a special detention center for foreign nationals.


In summer 2015, the CrimeRussia reported that photos of Yulia Volkova and Giya appeared in social networks. Some sources even provided information that ex-singer of “Tatu” music band has married him secretly. Where and when the wedding took place is unknown but it was said that Volkova got married because of being pregnant. Some time later, Volkova commented on the situation and contended that the information about the marriage is not truth. However, the sources discovered that Giya is really a part of her private life.

Video: Detention of the “thief-in-law” Giya Galsky in Moscow 



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