Girlfriend of vor Guli exposes candid pictures to subscribers once again 

Girlfriend of vor Guli exposes candid pictures to subscribers once again
Afag Aslan Photo: Social networks

Singer Afag Aslan, who is credited with romance with crime boss Guli, undressed for promotion not for the first time.

The beloved of the crime boss Nadir Salifov (Guli), the Azerbaijani singer Afag Aslan, continues to shock the public, revealing herself in front of the cameras. This time, Aslan posted in her Instagram account photos in a lace bodysuit. In the photo, she poses at once in several angles in lingerie, barely covering the curvaceous forms and a flirtatious satin belt.

“In beautiful lingerie, a woman feels more graceful, more elegant and more confident in herself. This is an essential element in every woman's life,” the singer signed the photos.

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Subscribers enthusiastically reacted to the candid photos of the girl, noting that she looks "better than Kardashian" and comparing the shape of the Azerbaijani star with "Michelangelo's masterpieces."

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The singer attracted attention, undressing for photo shoots, not for the first time. However, even more public interest is caused by rumors of her romantic relationship with the thief in law Guli. For the first time, the thief in law appeared with Afag at the wedding of Nikolai Dgebuadze, known in criminal circles as Nika Gagrainsky. The singer herself often said that her beloved person lives in Turkey (where Guli’s residence was before the recent extradition to Azerbaijan), and in an interview with Sputnik-Azerbaijan she did not directly confirm or deny information about the affair with the thief in law, having confined herself to a vague phrase that “crime lord also has a heart”.



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